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Perry's Chemical Engineers' HandbookA Working Guide to Process Equipment, 4th Edition


Research Showcase @ CMU Activity Snapshot

April 2017, Department of Chemical Engineering had 2917 full-text downloads

The most popular papers were:
The optimal design of pressure swing adsorption systems (109 downloads)

Optimal Scheduling of Refinery Crude-Oil Operations (74 downloads)

Optimization of Distillation Processes (71 downloads)

The Right Journal for Your Research

How can I find a "trusted" journal?  


Where can I find the "best" journal for my research? 


COS $1,000 awards

Center for Open Science will give 1,000 awards of $1,000 each to promote education and experience with preregistration. Award winners will have completed a preregistration using the Open Science Framework, a free scholarly commons, and published the results in an eligible journal.
Many eligible journals fall into our Article Processing Charge (APC) fund requirements or would be eligible for one of our publisher credits/vouchers.  For more information, please see our APC funding page.

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