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A collection of resources to aid in researching questions, exploring topics, and creating reports or presentations about energy use in the fields of engineering.

CMU Summer Engineering Experience for Girls

    July 9-20, 2018

Be a SWENexter

Breaking News on the Environment

SEE 2018 Energy Research Guide

What are your questions about Energy and Engineering?

Think about questions to form the research topic you want to investigate.

Get an introduction to energy for your Energy Research Project by exploring the EIA website:

Examples of Research Questions:

          (1) How do solar cells create electricity from sunlight?

          (2) How does a hybrid car work?

          (3) How much energy can you save each year if you change all the light
in your house to fluorescent bulbs?

Library Reseach Team

2018 Library Energy Research sessions instructors:

Donna Beck

Rachel Callison

Julie Chen

Emma Slayton



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