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Summer Engineering Experience (SEE) Student Science Library Information Guide: Design Thinking

A collection of resources to aid in researching questions, exploring topics, and creating reports or presentations about energy use in the fields of engineering.

Launch Cycle

launch cycle

Invention Steps

"When working in the business environment, invention is akin to project management, new product development, or launching a new product or service. The same kind of thinking takes place.  Remember that invention is an iterative process, requiring time and persistence - also that it is okay to fail."

                                     - Henry Roman.The Invention Notebook Challenge, 2018

Steps to Inventing or Product Development ... according to Thomas Edison

1. Identify a problem worth solving.

2. Evaluate the economics/market needs.

3. Identify constraints, impacts, challenges.

4. Identify/test potential solutions: invent!

5. Validate invention against numbers 1, 2, and 3.

6. Repeat numbers 1 thru 5 as necessary;
   IOW = redesign/reevaluate the original problem.

7. Market the invention.

8. Grow and improve the invention.

Design Thinking