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Summer Engineering Experience (SEE) Student Science Library Information Guide: Lab / Invention Notebook

A collection of resources to aid in researching questions, exploring topics, and creating reports or presentations about energy use in the fields of engineering.


WHAT IS IT? ....

Record of procedures, data, thoughts, explanations, experiment results, prototype drawings, calculations.

  • Considered to be a legal document: prove intellectual property
  • Starting point for a thesis or a publication.
  • Provides evidence, path, knowledge for future research(ers)


(Some) Best Practices for Maintaining Your Notebook

  • Make entries every day you work on your prototype/invention; daily entries assist your thinking & understanding of your progress
  • Writing & drawings/diagrams should be neat and legible: others many have to read your work.
  • Entries must be chronological. No jumping around between pages.
  • No pages should be  torn out or thrown away.
  • If mistakes are made, do not erase; run a line through all the parts that are not relevant and/or cross out the diagram.

Leonardo da Vinci, Notebook (''The Codex Arundel'')  British Library

Image is from the Codex Leicester, Leonardo DaVinci (1506-10)