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Architecture: 48-026: First Year Seminar: Home

Guide Contents

Research Methods

Frame the Topic for Research

  • What is the relevant discipline or disciplines?
  • Is the topic interdisciplinary? 
  • What are good keywords?
  • What are key concepts/phrases?

Investigate the Topic via the Library

Investigate the Topic via Sources You Have Found

Read and reflect

Reading and reflecting are key to learning about your topic.

Mark, note, outline, annotate, share, etc.

Engaging with a text promotes retention and learning.

Chain search

Look for additional clues and references in your sources that can lead you to other sources. For example:

  • Identify key authors and experts by name and then search for their other writings.
  • Examine footnotes and bibliographies for good sources and then look for those sources.

Investigate the Topic in the Larger World

  • Talk to or interview a graduate student or a professor at Carnegie Mellon or elsewhere.
  • Talk to or interview a professional or expert.
  • Visit a business, social service agency, or other relevant organization.