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Architecture: 48-025/026: First Year Seminar: Finding Articles & More

Research as an Iterative Process

  • Research is an iterative process.
  • Use keywords and concepts/phrases to launch your investigation; use your investigation to adjust your keywords and concepts/phrases; and then return to the investigation.
  • Repeat as many times as necessary to refine your thinking and find good sources.

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Google Scholar

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Tips for Finding Articles

Tips for Finding Articles

  • When you find a citation to an article, note the journal title, the volume number and date of the issue that you need, and the page numbers of the article.

  • Some databases list this information in a Source field.  

  • Look for a url link or a pdf for full text online access to an article.

  • Use the  button to look for other means of access.

  • If Carnegie Mellon does not own an article that you need you can request it from another library.

  • Finding articles can be challenging. Please ask for assistance as needed.

Databases: Architecture

Databases: Multidisciplinary

Databases: Specialized

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Configure Google Scholar so you can access CMU licensed materials.

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