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English: 76-207 - Special Topics in Literature & Culture: August Wilson

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In His Own Words: August Wilson Primary Sources

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August Wilson's Plays

The August Wilson Century Cycle Compendium is a monolog collection from all of his plays complement of the California Educational Theater Association.

The following 10 August Wilson Plays are available from Open Library*.  You can also find 7 of the plays listed below in Alexander Street Press (a subscription database). The list below is mostly from the latter.  Exceptions are indicated in parenthesis.  

NOTE: Remember that, for the subscription database sources, you may need to authenticate using your Andrew ID

The Open Library books are also available in audio (Automated)

Films and Documentaries

The Piano Lesson (a hallmark film)

1995 ‧ 1h 39m (read the IMDB description)

undefinedFences [2016]

Director: Denzel Washington

Writers: August Wilson, 

Stars: Denzel Washington Viola Davis Stephen McKinley Henderson Jovan Adepo Russell Hornsby Mykelti Williamson Saniyya Sidney

Plot: Some people build fences to keep people out - and other people build fences to keep people in. Academy Award winner® Denzel Washington and Academy Award nominee® Viola Davis deliver the year's most powerful performances in the film adaptation of August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Fences. Set in 1950s Pittsburgh, the film takes a passionate look at former Negro-league baseball player Troy Maxson (Washington) as he fights to provide for those he loves in a world that threatens to push him down. Washington's directorial triumph pulses with the universal truths of love, forgiveness, and happiness despite what lies beyond your own fence.

Places to rent the movie:

Harriet (A Major Motion Picture)Harriet [2019]

Director: Kasi Lemmons

Writers: Gregory Allen Howard, Kasi Lemmons, 

Stars: Cynthia Erivo, Leslie Odom Jr., Joe Alwyn

Plot: The extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman's escape from slavery and transformation into one of America's greatest heroes [read more on IMDB]

Places to rent the movie:

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