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LGBTQIA+: Articles

Finding articles

The Libraries subscribe to a variety of journals and databases pertinent to LGBTQ issues.

If you have a resource in mind, you can check to see if the Libraries have it by:

  · Using either the partial or complete title of a journal
  · Using advanced search

The second option allows you to limit your search to year of publication, full-text, etc.

Instructions about connecting from off-campus can be found here.

A few ideas...

· "Black (W)holes and Geometry: The Politics of Black Women’s Bodies". 1994. Hammonds, E., differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies vol. 6 nos. 2-3.

· "Gay Content in Newspaper Comics". 2012. J. P. Dennis,The Journal of American Culture vol. 35 no. 4.

· "Not Yet Queer Enough: The Lessons of Queer Theory for the Sociology of Gender and Sexuality". 2005. S. Valocchi, Gender & Society vol. 19 no. 6.

· "Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: The Radical Potential of Queer Politics?". 1997. C. J. Cohen,GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies vol. 3 no. 4.

· "Speaking Like a Queen in RuPaul’s Drag Race: Towards a Speech Code of American Drag Queens". 2014. N. Simmons,Sexuality & Culture vol. 18 no. 3.

Core Databases

Academic and scholarly journals

  Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review (ProQuest)

  Gay and Lesbian Law Journal (Hein)

  Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide
  (ProQuest; Literature Resource Center; Academic OneFile)

  Gay community news (Boston, Mass.) (ProQuest)

  Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law
   (Hein; LexisNexis)

  Journal of Lesbian Studies (Taylor & Francis)

  Lesbian Review of Books (ProQuest)

  Lesbians on the Loose (ProQuest)

  LGBT Health (Mary Ann Liebert)

  Sexualities (Sage)

  Transgender Studies Quarterly (Duke University)

  Transgender Tapestry (ProQuest)