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Open Science Framework: Create a Project in OSF

A guide for how to use the open source project management platform, Open Science Framework

How to Create a Project in OSF

OSF can be used to create a project space with a hierarchical file structure and version control. You can store up to 5 GB of files in a private project or 50 GB in a public project. An unlimited number of files can be stored in a 3rd party add-on such as Box, Google Drive, or Amazon S3 that you can connect to your OSF project.  Other research tools such as GitHub, GitLab, Mendeley, & Zotero can also be connected.

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How to Connect 3rd Party Research Tools to an OSF Project

Version Control with the OSF

How to Use OSF for Collaborations

OSF can be used to share projects (or components of projects) publicly or with only those that should have access. Projects can also remain private. You can change the permissions for each individual component, allowing for granular access control.

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