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Alma/Primo VE Documentation: Alma FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Alma timeout after a period of inactivity? 

A: Alma has an automatic timeout set for 60 minutes of inactivity.  Unfortunately this cannot be changed.  More information is available here

Q: Where is the Ex Libris documentation for the current Alma page? 

A: In the upper-right area of the screen, click the question mark and then click Help for This Page. 

Q: Why am I unable to check out materials? 

A: Be sure to choose a circulation desk as your location.  The checkout page will be hidden until Alma knows which circulation desk you use.  Here is a screenshot: 

choose a circulation desk

Q: How often is Analytics data refreshed? 

A: There is a delay between one to four days before new or modified information appears in Analytics.  More information is available here

Q: Is there a way to identify records that were created in Symphony? 

A:  In Alma, title records show a Record Number field.  Titles created in Symphony have record numbers ending with "-o1cmu_inst." 

For more information: