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Alma/Primo VE Documentation: Content

Alma/Primo VE Content Sources

Content and records in Alma/ Primo VE come from a number of sources:

  • Institutional MARC21 Records: majority of records that migrated from Symphony to Alma, as well as local records we've added since implementation.
    • Includes records for physical and electronic materials (books, ebooks, journals, scores, audio, video, streaming, databases - we created MARC records for everything).
    • Records that contained a MARC 856 |u link were converted to Alma electronic portfolios in the Physical to Electronic (P2E) process during migration. 
    • Records are often indicated with MARC 035 |a 'o1cmu_inst' 
  • Alma Community Zone (CZ): Alma's central knowledgebase (CKB) or 'community catalog' where we can activate electronic resources
    • Updates are automatically managed on a weekly basis via the CZ Updates Task List. Common updates include addition/removal of portfolios, linking information, etc
    • Updated weekly  See CKB release notes below 
    • Records are indicated with MARC 035 |a (CKB)
    • 360 Data Extract: This process was completed during migration by Ex Libris. Subscription collections/ packages were activated in Alma based on active resources in 360 Link/ Summon. 

  • Central Discovery Index (CDI): An index that contains millions of records harvested from publishers and aggregators for articles, eBooks, conference proceedings, newspaper articles, images, citation metadata, and abstracts. 
    • Full text in the CDI is indexed and used for discovery - not delivery! The CDI works with Alma to deliver full-text via the link resolver
    • We choose which collections to activate/deactivate in the CDI
    • CDI collections are reflected in Primo VE within 72 hours of activation (48 hours is target timeframe)
  • EBSCO API scope: A separate Primo VE search scope for subscription EBSCO content. 
    • See list of EBSCO databases that are searchable
    • Users must be logged into Primo VE to see full results in this scope
    • EBSCO results aren't yielded in other search scopes, Everything, Articles & More, or Books & More 

Content Updates for Alma, CKB, Primo Central Discovery Index, and Batch Imports

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We have autoholdings integration profiles configured in Alma for the below eResources providers:

Provider Alma Collection Names Upload Frequency/Schedule

Elsevier ScienceDirect Books Complete

Elsevier ScienceDirect Journals Complete


Tuesdays, 10am

Project MUSE Project MUSE: Universal Journals Monthly on 1st, at 4am

SpringerLink Books - AutoHoldings

SpringerLink Journals - AutoHoldings


Thursdays, 5pm

Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis eBooks

Taylor & Francis Journals Current Content Access


Sundays, 9pm


Wiley Online Library - AutoHoldings Books

Wiley Online Library - AutoHoldings Journals


1st Friday, 9pm



Batch MARC Record Schedule
Collection Source Frequency Record Notes/ Edits
AMS - Contemporary Math Admin portal Annually  
Bloomsbury Collections EBA Admin portal n/a Ended 11/2021
Docuseek Sent by provider As licensed  
HistoryMakers OCLC Collection Manager Annually Last import 2/2021
IGI Global EBA GOBI FTP + Alma import profile Import profile job runs weekly Implemented 8/2023
Infobase Films on Demand Sent by provider As licensed  
Kanopy Admin portal Monthly and/or as licensed Smart PDA implemented 7/2021 which might change frequency
Memoirs of the AMS Admin portal Annually  
Swank Digital Campus Admin portal + Alma import profile As licensed  
Taylor & Francis EBA GOBI FTP + Alma import profile Import profile job runs weekly Implemented 6/2021
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