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Alma/Primo VE Documentation: Analytics

General Information

Analytics is a tool allowing reports to be created about library activities.   Unlike Symphony reports, Analytics reports are not used for editing data or maintenance tasks and they run relatively quickly, in a minute or two.  It is not possible to edit or delete Alma information with an Analytics report. 

How to Access Analytics

After clicking Design Analytics or Design Analytics (Primo), this will open in a new browser tab or window depending on your browser preferences.  

Note: Alma users should be automatically logged into Analytics.  If Analytics asks for a username and password, click the Design Analytics link again.  This is a known issue that Ex Libris is aware of.  

Working with the CSV file format

Reports can be exported to the comma-separated value (CSV) file format.  To open a CSV file in Excel, follow these steps: 

  • Open Excel 
  • Click File > Open 
  • The CSV file will be hidden until the format is changed to "text." 
  • Open the CSV file, which will launch the Excel text import wizard. 
  • Choose Delimited, click Next. 
  • Choose Comma, click Next. 
  • If your report includes a column with numeric data, highlight the column and choose the "text" data format, instead of General.  This will prevent the numbers from displaying in scientific notation. 
  • Click Finish. 

More information is available here

How often is Analytics data refreshed?

There is a delay between one to four days before new or modified information appears in Analytics.  More information is available here.

What are the limits for exporting reports?

The Excel export format includes up to 65,000 rows. 

The CSV format includes up to 500,000 rows. 

More information is available here.

Local parameters

In the Analytics Bibliographic Details table, the Local Parameter fields contain the following information: 

  • Local Param 01 = 999 MARC field 
  • Local Param 02 = 946 field 
  • Local Param 03 = 856 field