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Architecture: Buildings and Their Architects

Buildings and Their Architects: Research Tips

  • Know what you are looking for.
    Many architects, buildings, and locations are known by multiple names. Look for and search on name variations. Be sure to spell search terms correctly in the most appropriate language(s).
  • Choose distinctive search terms.
    Search using distinctive words and leave out common words like <house>. Try searching on part of the name of a building and part of the name of the architect.
  • Expand your search strategy.
    Search by the name of a building. Search by the name of the architect. Try searching for broader or related topics such as the building's location, its building type, etc. For additional insight research a building's client, setting, materials, etc.

  • Look for clues to additional information and sources.
    As you find and use each source, look for additional keywords that you may not have thought of; examine lists of projects and back-of-the-book indexes; and look for citations in footnotes and bibliographies.
  • Search the free Web.
    Many buildings and architects can be found on the free Web on architect's web sites, architecture blogs, etc. But note that many web sites are commercial in nature, and blogs frequently reprint promotional materials from architects. You will likely need to look elsewhere for in-depth information, critical analysis, good drawings, and high-resolution images. Evaluate information to be sure that it comes from credible sources.
  • Search for books and articles.
    Use Everything Search to find books and articles. Use the left hand column to target your results. Note that very few buildings have entire books written about them, but buildings may be part of a book with a broader topic. Articles often provide the best information about buildings and the best drawings and other images.

  • Search for articles in architecture databases.
    Use databases to identify articles that have been published in art and architecture journals. Articles often provide the best information about buildings and the best drawings and other images.

Architectural Record Building Types

Architectural Record logo

For many years Architectural Record magazine has published "Building Types Studies," with case-study examples of a specific building type featured in each issue. Look here for contemporary examples of various building types.