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Architecture: Investigating a Site


This page provides guidance on investigating a building site or a neighborhood for an architectural or urban design project. It focuses on Pittsburgh sites and resources, but similar resources may exist for sites in other municipalities, states, and countries.

  • Climate Data
  • Community Planning and Development
  • Data
  • Maps
  • Property Ownership
  • Zoning

Investigating a Site

Climate Data


  • Pennsylvania State Climatologist
    Climate data for Pittsburgh and other Pennsylvania locations.

  • Sun Path Chart Program (University of Oregon)
    Produce sun angle charts for any U.S. location. Read the About Sun Charts link for background information. For Pittsburgh, enter a zip code, or latitude (40 degrees) and longitude (-80 degrees), and solar time zone (-5h).

  • Naval Oceanography Portal: Data Services
    A wide variety of sun and moon data.

  • Wind Rose Data (Natural Resources Conservation Center)
    Month-by-month wind data for numerous U.S. locations including Pittsburgh.

Community Planning and Development




Property Ownership

Search for or recent current owners of properties in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County using this web site: