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Modern Languages: 82215 - Arab Culture through Film & Literature: Looking for Online Reference Sources?

This is a resource guide to help you complete your final project for Arab Culture through Film & Media

Here are some tips for getting the best out of our library catalog:

  • Use Advance Search 
  • Search in the Subject Field AND combine with keywords.  For example:
    • Subject "Arab Culture" AND Any field "women"
    • Subject "literature" AND Any field "Arabs"
    • Subject "Arab Media" AND Any field "representation"
    • Subject "Middle East" AND Any field "encyclopedia"
  • Narrow your results to Available Online, then select a resource type (article, book chapter, book, etc.)

Below are some of the results from the searches I suggested above:

General Online Encyclopedias

You should search these encyclopedias using terms like Middle East, Arab, Culture, Films, etc.

Specialized Encyclopedias:

Books of interest: