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Theses & Dissertations

Submitting your Thesis or Dissertation through the University Libraries

As per Carnegie Mellon’s Student Handbook, most graduate students are required to submit copies of their theses and dissertations to the University Libraries.  The Libraries maintains KiltHub, a free, open access repository of CMU research, and provides access to and assistance with ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, a commercial repository and database of dissertations from institutions around the world.

Check with your department recommendations on publishing in KiltHub and/or ProQuest. If you have questions, please contact the thesis team directly or the University Libraries Data Services and Publishing team through our contact form.

Preparing and Depositing your Submission

The University Libraries offers two thesis and dissertation submission workflows for students and graduate coordinators. Students should contact their graduate coordinator and advisor to discuss the submission process for their department

Direct Submission by Students

Step 1 - Graduate Students will:

Step 2 - Graduate Program Coordinators will:

  • Receive an email from the Libraries that a student from your department has submitted their thesis or dissertation with the submission attached
  • Review the submission and notify the Libraries contact when the submission is ready for deposit in KiltHub and/or ProQuest

Step 3 - University Libraries will:

Submission by Graduate Coordinators

Step 1 - Graduate Students will:

Step 2 - Graduate Coordinators will: 

  • Receive completed submission from student and complete any departmental checks
  • Organize and submit files to the Libraries' Box folder based on the Graduate Coordinator workflow

Step 3 - University Libraries will:


Recent Theses and Dissertations in KiltHub

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