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Theses & Dissertations: Submitting your Thesis or Dissertation

Submitting your Thesis or Dissertation through the University Libraries

As per Carnegie Mellon’s Student Handbook, most graduate students are required to submit copies of their theses and dissertations to the University Libraries.  The Libraries maintains KiltHub, a free, open access repository of CMU research, and provides access to and assistance with ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, a commercial repository and database of dissertations from institutions around the world.

Check with your department recommendations on publishing in KiltHub and/or ProQuest.

Preparing and Depositing your Submission

Note: College of Engineering students should contact their graduate coordinator to discuss the submission process for engineering students.

Step 1 - Graduate Students will:

  1. Create a PDF version of your dissertation (If submitting your manuscript to ProQuest, please see ProQuest/UMI's Preparing Your Manuscript Guide)

  2. Download and complete the Dissertation and Thesis Submission Checklist (download below)

  3. If depositing to KiltHub only, skip to step 5.

  4. If submitting to ProQuest/UMI, log in through the ProQuest CMU online form and create an account.  Follow the online submission process.

  5. Submit the following to your Graduate Program Coordinator:

    1. Your electronic file (PDF).

    2. Completed Dissertation and Thesis Submission Checklist.

Step 2 - Graduate Program Coordinators will:

Step 3 - University Libraries will:

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