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Roberts Collection: Roberts Collection

Scholarship for ASM international student members

George A. Roberts Collection


The collection consists of about 455 titles relevant to the field of materials science especially in regards to the industrial applications of materials, particularly steels.

Many books are on the subject of metallurgy, such as Metallurgy in antiquity: A notebook for archaeologists and technologists by Robert James Forbes, published in Leiden by E.J. Brill in 1950.

To browse for titles held in the ROBERTS collection, do an Advanced Search in the Library Catalog, via Books & More from Library website. Choose: "ROBERTS (Roberts Conference Room)" from the dropdown location menu. If desired, add additional search terms in the "Search for:" box.

To retrieve books from the collection, click on this guide's tab for "Viewing items from the Collection" and follow the instructions. Books are signed out for use in the Roger Sorrells Engineering and Science Library.



Distant Force

More about the book, Distant Force.

"The Manual of Ideas" October 4, 2009 Instablog's audio program on Henry Singleton, with mention of key passages from Distant Force.

History of Metallurgy

The Posner Center holds some historic metallurgy texts including the wonderfully illustrated 1556 text by George Agricola.  To view the electronic text: De re metallica libri XII                  

Book Donations accepted

If you would like to donate a title to the Roberts Collection, contact the collection coordinator at the University Libraries.

Appropriate texts include those authored or edited by George A. Roberts or Robert F. Mehl. Materials related to the Vanadium Alloy Steel Company (VASCO) and other books on the subject of metallurgy will also be considered.