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Art: 60-206 Contemporary Visual Culture 1960-present: Find Periodicals, Articles and Dissertations

Resources supporting the course

Arts Article Databases

  • Art and Archtecture Source (formerly Art Source)
    Focus on art and architecture; combines article databases Art Full-Text, Art Index Retrospective and Art and Architecture Complete with increased access to full-text content. International coverage including some full-text books and images.

  • Arts:Search
    A journals-based resource for researching the history of 19th and 20th century art and design. Consists of three related and linkable databases including: Review, Arts + Architecture Profiles, Design Abstracts Retrospective.
  • ARTbibliographies Modern 1974- (updated irregularly)
    Citations and abstracts
    Journal articles, exhibition catalogs, exhibition reviews, books, dissertations and essays in books or exhibition catalogs. Covers modern and contemporary art, art history, photography and design beginning with artists and movements in the late 19th century, and photography since it's invention in 1839.
    (See a librarian to access print volumes in storage: 1969-1995)

  • Indexes more than 1,000 periodicals published worldwide on architecture and related fields.
  • Bibliography of the History of Art/Repertoire de la literature de l'art
    Citations and abstracts
    The(BHA/RILA) database contains citations and abstracts for European and American books, journal articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, exhibition catalogs and dealers' catalogs covering topics from late antiquity through the first decade of the 21st century.

    Provides indexing and abstracts for more than 395 international periodicals, plus full text for more than 160 of the indexed journals. The database covers a broad spectrum of the arts and entertainment industry - including dance, drama, theater, stagecraft, opera, performance art, film, television and more. Coverage: 1864 - current
  • International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance with Full-Text
    Scholarly resource citing journal articles and books.

  • More Arts and Culture Related Databases.
    • JSTOR and Project MUSE for scholarly academic articles across disciplines covering the arts, humanities and more.
    • ProQuest
      Mega-database that searches many interdisciplinary databases together for current and historical journal articles, newspapers, magazines and more.
    • Web of Science
      A multidisciplinary database, with searchable author abstracts, covering the literature of the sciences, social sciences and the arts & humanities providing indexes and links to cited references for each article.

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Also try:
Google Scholar 
For full-text scholarly content on the open web.

Find out if the journal or magazine you want to access is available in print or electronically, navigate to CMU Journal Search

History: Article and News Databases Across Discplines

Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and Theses Global
Dissertations and theses from around the world, from 1861 to the present, with full text for most added since 1997.

Dissertations and Theses @ Carnegie Mellon
ca. 1920-present.

Full text of some dissertations may be available 1997-present.
Citations and abstracts of dissertations and theses CMU graduate students have published through UMI Dissertation Publishing. In addition to citations and abstracts, the service provides free access to 24 page previews and the full text in PDF format, when available. In most cases, this will be works published in 1997 forward.


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Cover of the premiere issue of Performance Art Magazine later called LIVE published 1979-1982

Classic journals covering 20th & 21st century art

Browsing the issues of these long standing and influential journals will give you a broad sense of 20th and 21st century visual culture in the U.S. and beyond.  Issues in print in the CMU Libraries collections are shelved by title on the 3rd floor of Hunt Library or in Offsite Storage by request. For issues the Libraries do not have, use our Interlibrary Loan service.

Artforum / Artforum International
CMU Libraries has the full run from 1962-present in print.

Two substantial histories exist on Artforum's groundbreaking influence in the art world:

Sandback, Amy Baker. Looking Critically: 21 Years of Artforum Magazine.
An anthology of reviews, interviews and letters selected from the first 21 years (1962-) of this influential publication. A great way to get a sense of the art scene in the last half of the 20th century.
HUNT OVRSZQ-4 N1 .A8143 L66 1984

Newman, Amy. Challenging art : Artforum, 1962-1974
HUNT STACKS-4 N1 .A8143 N49 2000

Art in America
CMU Libraries has 1954-present in print; 11/01/2002 to present online in Art and Architecture Source

The TIME magazine of the art world
CMU Libraries has the full run in print from 1922-present

Access via JSTOR (1923-1924)


Art Journal
A scholarly quarterly journal devoted to twentieth- and twenty-first-century art and art history
Electronic Access:Taylor & Francis (1997-present):  JSTOR (1960-current year minus 4):  PAO (1961-1985)

 Art Journal Open is the online affiliate to Art Journal, an open-access forum presenting artists’ projects, conversations and interviews, scholarly essays, and other forms of content from across the cultural field.

More Journals

Here are more journals by focus and scope for browsing ease. Note there is considerable overlap in topic and focus in some of these journals. Issues in print in the CMU Libraries collections are shelved by title on the 3rd floor of Hunt Library or in Offsite Storage by request. For issues the Libraries do not have, use our Interlibrary Loan service.

Theory and Criticism

Critical Inquiry
Interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal on critical thought in the arts and humanities.
CMU access via Univ. of Chicago (2002-present): JSTOR (1974-current year minus 4)

Modern Language Quarterly
Literary change and historicism in relation to feminism, ethnic studies, cultural materialism, discourse analysis and other forms of representation and cultural critique.
CMU access via Duke University Press (1940-present):  Project Muse (June 1999-2004):

New Formations
Journal of culture theory and politics
CMU access via Project Muse (2013-present)

Art theory, criticism and politics focused on contemporary arts
CMU access via MIT Press (2001-present): JSTOR (1976-current year minus 6)

Postmodern Culture PMC
One of the earliest appearing groundbreaking journals on the web on interdisciplinary thought and contemporary culture.
Access via Project Muse (1990-present)

Review of Metaphysics
Contemporary philosophy and its currents
CMU access via Art Source (1995-present): JSTOR (1947-current year minus 4):  PAO (1947-2001)

Theory of philosophy, the social science, science, and the arts

Paragraph: The Journal of the Modern Critical Theory Group
Leading journal in modern critical theory, structuralism and semiotics
CMU access via Project Muse (1999-present):  University of Wisconsin (2003-2009): JSTOR (1971-current year minus 6):

International contemporary art explored by writers and critics.
CMU Libraries has 1986-present in print; published since 1984.

Critical theory and post-structuralism
CMU Libraries access via Univ. of Calif. (2001-present): Access via JSTOR (1983-current year minus 4)

The Structurist
International art journal founded in 1960 to address the concept of structure, science, technology and nature.
Publication ceased in 2010.

.org collective of artists and writers with essays, artist's projects, interviews, columns and reviews. commissioned artist's projects, interviews, columns, and  reviews to "provoke critical dialog on contemporary art."
 It's archive is  available online from the website.
CMU carries 12/15 2008-present online in  Art and Architecture Source

Art and Culture

Afterall: A Journal of Art, Context and Enquiry
In depth analysis of contemporary art related to society, politics and philosophy.
01/01/1998 to 2015 in JSTOR
03/01/2012 to 1 year ago in Art and Architecture Source

Scholarly articles and essays addressing global postmodern and post-colonial issues in contemporary art, media, architecture, visual culture, and critical theory. Including: art and politics in transitional countries and regions; post-socialism and neo-liberalism; the problem of global art and global art history and its methodologies.
03/01/2012 to 1 year ago in Art and Architecture Source

Art Papers
Independent critical voice covering contemporary art and culture
1999-present; CMU has the print edition and
selected articles available online

CMU Access via publisher (1981-present): JSTOR (1981-current year minus 3)

An open access publishing/curatorial platform and archive for contemporary art, culture and theory internationally. If you subscribe to the e-mail be ready to receive  two or three messages a day announcing and describing international projects.

 " for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today." Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.

Postmodern Culture PMC
One of the earliest appearing groundbreaking journals on the web on interdisciplinary thought and contemporary culture.
Access via Project Muse (1990-present)

RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics
Journal of anthropology and comparative aesthetics dedicated to the study of the object, in particular cult and belief objects and objects of art through the perspective of art historians, archaeologists, philosophers, critics, architects, artists and others.
Access through Interlibrary Loan

Third Text
"Third world perspectives on contemporary art and culture"
Access via Taylor & Francis (1987-present)

Conceptual Art

Avalanche Magazine Index
An primary source index to Avalanche, an artist journal published in New York City from 1970-1976 by Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar complete with additional resources including listings and notes about artists, photographers, curators, venues, exihibitions. Includes interviews by Sharp and Bear. Early History of Avalanche (London: Chelsea Space, 2005) tells it's story. Full contents of the issues are not published but articles can be requested through interlibrary loan.

Conceptual art, literature and essays.
Published 2000-present; CMU Libraries has 2008-present in print

  Feminism and Art

N. Paradoxa
Feminist art criticism
CMU Libraries has 1998-present in print
Tables of contents and abstracts for all articles are available at the N. Paradoxa website
Open-access online archive (different from the print) 1996-2000

Feminist Art Journal
CMU has 1972-1997 on microfilm

Woman's Art Journal
CMU Libraries has full online access via  Art Source (2005-present): JSTOR (1980-current year minus 4)

Woman's ArPerformance Art

High Performance
Published 1978-1997; CMU Libraries has most issues in print from 1983-1997.
Images of covers and content lists including artists list via Art in the Public Interest

PAJ: a journal of performance and art
Project Muse (1998-present): MIT Press (2002-present):  JSTOR (1998-current year minus 6)

formerly Perfoming Arts Journal
published 1976-1997 online in Project Muse (1996-1997): JSTOR (1976-1997

Performance Magazine
1979-1992. CMU Libraries has 1986-1991 in print.

P-form: Performance Art Magazine
CMU Libraries has 1994-1999 in print; published 1990-1998 via the Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago.

Public Art

Public Art Review
CMU Libraries has 1989-present in print


Photography and Film

CMU Libraries has 1981-present in print; published since 1952.

CMU Libraries has 1972-1975 and 1986-2009 on microfilm; 1996-present in print.

Screen : the journal of the Society for Education in Film and Television
Film criticism

Wide angle
Quarterly journal of film history, theory, criticism, and practice


International Contemporary Art

C: International Contemporary Art (Canada)
CMU Libraries has 1996-present in print

Art International
CMU Libraries has 1962-1984 in print; published from 1958-1985 covering contemporary international art and events

Flash Art
CMU Libraries has 1982-present in print

Frieze: Contemporary Art and Culture (London)
Published 1991-present; CMU has 2000-present in print

Kunstforum International

In German; in-depth articles on contemporary art

CMU Libraries has most issues in print from 2002-present; published since 1973.

Science and Technology

Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal
Leading peer reviewed journals on the use of contemporary science and technology in the arts and music.
Published by the Society for the Arts Sciences and Technology (ISAST)
Leonardo CMU access via MIT Press (1999-present):  Project Muse (2001-present): JSTOR (1968-current year minus 6): JSTOR (Supplemental issues 1988-1990)
Leonardo Music Journal CMU access via Project Muse (2000-present)  MIT Press (1999-present)  JSTOR (1991-current year minus 6)

Internet and computer culture.
CMU Libraries has 2003-present in print.

The Structurist
International art journal founded in 1960 to address the concept of structure, science, technology and nature.
Publication ceased in 2010.
CMU access via PAO (1960-1995); 1962-2010 in print


Gwen Allen. Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2011.

HUNT STACKS-4 N6480 .A58 2011

the history of the heyday of artist magazines produced in the 1970s as alternative artist spaces. Includes an illustrated index of hundreds of magazines.



"An international journal of writing, art, and cultural inquiry" from 1958 to 2009. Produced and edited by students and faculty of the MA/MFA in Creative Writing  Program. An online archive is currently available. Pictured is the front cover of Tri Quarterly 32, Winter 1975, a special issue called "Anti-Object Art."

A digital humanities venture based publishing the work of writers, editors and scholars.
Maintained by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University.