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Data 101: Analyzing Data

In this LibGuide, we introduce you to the wide world of data, including data types (qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic, geospatial, etc.), finding data, visualizing data, and managing data.

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What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis involves inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and (often) computationally modeling data to find information and trends within a dataset, and inform decision-making and lend insight towards hypotheses. Data analysis helps us turn data into meaningful information about the objects represented through the data. 

For an introductory view of data analysis using mean, median, and mode, check out this video: 


Helpful Resources at CMU Libraries

Learning About Tools for Data Analysis at CMU Libraries

CMU Libraries provides individualized training and group workshops to dozens of useful data analysis tools! Check out our list of (free!) workshops each semester that are open to anyone in the CMU community:

Examples of data analysis-themed workshop topics we regularly offer include: 

  • Cleaning Messy Data with OpenRefine
  • Introduction to Data Visualization in R 
  • Data Analysis in Jupyter Notebook
  • Text Analysis in R 
  • Network Analysis
  • Getting Started with Zotero

Data Analysis Engagement at CMU Libraries

CMU Libraries offers several opportunities for hands-on help and collaboration with your data analysis needs and general data education. These opportunities involve working with our very talented group of librarians and specialists, most of whom have several years of hands-on experience with data analytics! Check out some of our programs below for more information:

Data, Gaming, and Popular Culture Librarian

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Hannah Gunderman
410A Hunt Library
4909 Frew Street
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Office Phone: 412-268-7258

Data Education - Data Curation, Visualization, and GIS Specialist

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Emma Slayton
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Subjects: GIS

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