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Data 101

In this LibGuide, we introduce you to the wide world of data, including data types (qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic, geospatial, etc.), finding data, visualizing data, and managing data.

Practical Strategies for Effectively Communicating Data

Consider the following when you are formulating a plan to communicate your data: 

  1. What story do you want to tell from the data?
  2. Are you using the right data to tell that story?
  3. How should you visualize the data to best tell your story?
  4. To what audiences do you want to tell this story?

There are many common terms associated with communicating data, including big data, machine learning, and webscraping. This guide helps define many of these commonly-used terms in data communication:

Data Storytelling

Multiple stories, from multiple angles, can be derived and communicated from a single dataset. Determining how you tell a story using data is important, and understanding how to effectively tell this story ensures that your audience will receive the message you are wanting to convey. Check out this TEDx talk on "The Power in Effective Data Storytelling!


For help with data or data-related tools, or for any other questions, please contact the University Libraries Data and Publishing Services team.