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Welcome to Carnegie Mellon!!

We're so glad you've chosen Carnegie Mellon and the Engineering and Public Policy Department for your studies!  Welcome to the campus, and welcome to a library guide that the EPP Librarians hope will be of help to you during your time on campus.  Each department at Carnegie Mellon has a librarian who is responsible for providing specialized reference services, class instruction in library resources, and managing the book and journal budgets.  Since EPP has policy, business, and engineering components, there are 2 librarians to help you with your research - Julie Chen works at the Engineering and Science Library in Wean Hall and Sue Collins works in Hunt Library (the Social Sciences and Humanities library, which also includes policy and business). Don't hesitate to ask for our help at any point in your career here.

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Should the libraries buy more e-books?
Tell us what you think
Yes, e-books are great!: 19 votes (76%)
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Total Votes: 25

What do EPP Librarians Do?

The EPP Librarians (Julie and Sue) are here to help the EPP faculty, staff, and students with their teaching, research, and/or assignments.  Along with our colleagues, we offer research consultations by appointment.  We monitor the book fund, deciding which  books to add to the collections.  We also make research guides to help you understand some of the resources available to you, and can conduct instruction sessions on topics or particular resources upon request.  We keep you abreast of  library policies and procedures, and work to keep you informed of new library developments and resources.

EPP Librarians

Julie Chen and Sue Collins

Contact Info
Julie Chen, Librarian
Sorrells Engineering & Science Library, Wean Hall

Sue Collins, Senior Librarian
Hunt Library