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Biological Sciences: 03-346: Experimental Neuroscience: Popular Science News Resources

This guide provides links, tutorials and tips to finding and accessing scholarly research in biology and neuroscience.

Popular Science News Resources

Tip: Getting Free Newspaper Articles

Some newspapers, like the New York Times, charge for their content or only allow readers to access a limited number of articles for free per month.

You can access New York Times articles and other newspaper content for free through the ProQuest database on our library website. 

For example, I've found a news article on marmot behavior on the New York Times website that I want to read but when I click on the title, it tells me that I need to pay for a subscription.



I can access the most popular newspapers via ProQuest by clicking on the Journals and Newspapers links on the library homepage




I can then search for the article of interest in ProQuest. 



ProQuest will allow me to read the article as full-text or download a copy for free as a PDF.