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iPad Lending: Lending Agreement

iPad Lending Agreement

Terms and conditions for borrowing an Apple iPad from the CMU Libraries:

The iPad must be returned within 7 days of checkout.

The iPad must be returned directly to a library employee at the same library from which it was borrowed (Hunt or Sorrells). The iPad must be returned at the Arts Library Information and Reference Desk, or at the Hunt Library Circulation Desk if the Arts Library Desk is closed. Do not use the drop box. 

You will be charged $10/day late fee for every day that the iPad is overdue.

No renewals.

You assume financial responsibility for the iPad until it is returned. You are responsible for any intentional or unintentional damage to the iPad caused by you or anyone else.
If the iPad is lost or stolen during the lending period you must notify a CMU Library employee immediately.

You will be charged a $500 replacement fee if the iPad is lost, stolen, or damaged during the lending period.

You will be charged a $30 replacement fee for each lost or damaged power cord, power adapter, carrying case, or other peripheral device provided with the iPad.

When using the iPad you agree to comply with the University’s Computing Policy (available at

The iPad contains standard preloaded files and applications (“apps”). Any additional apps or media purchased by you during the lending period must be paid for with your own funds. Carnegie Mellon University is not responsible for any of your purchases.

You understand that any apps, media, data, and/or documents that you download, purchase, create or otherwise save to the iPad during the lending period will be permanently erased and replaced with standard preloaded files and apps when the iPad is returned to the library.