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Research for Your Job Search - Deep Dive!: Company Research

Detailed Company Profiles

Use the resources below to get in-depth and robust information on detailed company financials and ratios, executives, business segments, products and services, competitors, and more!

SWOT Analyses

Discover the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for hundreds of companies. This will help inform you of a company's position within an industry/market, their overall health and stability, and much more. 

Analyst Reports

Analysts evaluate many companies on a regular basis. These reports contain detailed information on the company's financial health, the current direction of the business, and where they stand among the competition.

Research Private Companies

Private, non-publicly-traded companies can be difficult to gain information about. They do not have to disclose a lot of information unlike publicly traded firms. The two database below specialize in information about start-ups and private companies and can be a good place to learn more about specific prospective employers operating in this space.