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Open Access Agreements and Memberships

PeerJ Overview

The University Libraries pays for CMU Authors' lifetime memberships in PeerJ. Only PeerJ members can publish in PeerJ, and members can publish for free, at a frequency based on the levels of membership.

  • The Libraries will pay for PeerJ memberships at the Basic (one publication per year) or Enhanced (two publications per year) level. 
  • The membership fee will be paid automatically when CMU authors with a validated email address submit or have an article accepted for publication in a PeerJ journal. 
  • Memberships are for life, and researchers retain membership if they leave Carnegie Mellon.
  • All PeerJ journals:
    • The Journal of Life & Environmental Sciences (PeerJ)
    • PeerJ Computer Science
    • PeerJ Physical Chemistry
    • PeerJ Organic Chemistry
    • PeerJ Inorganic Chemistry
    • PeerJ Analytical Chemistry
    • PeerJ Materials Science


*Articles in Open Access journals without a CMU corresponding author can still be made OA using the Libraries' APC fund to pay some of the OA publishing fees. See CMU’s APC webpage for more information and to apply for APC funds.

See full list of journals supported through CMU's Open Access publisher agreements and memberships.


If you are unsure whether your article or journal is covered under this CMU publisher agreements, or with other questions, please contact the University Libraries Data and Publishing Services team.