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Data Management Plan (DMP) Review Service: Service Description

Review Service for Research Data Management Plans

The CMU Libraries is happy to announce that it is strengthening it's commitment to support FAIR, ethical, and well managed research by offering a review service for data management plans (DMP), also called data management & sharing plans (DMSP).

A data management plan outlines how a project’s data will be collected, processed, analyzed, described, preserved, and shared during the course of the project and after the publication of results.

In August 2022, the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) released a memorandum on public access to federally funded research. This memorandum requires federally funded research to include data management plans describing how the data used in the research is going to be made publicly available.

If you are a researcher at CMU conducting federally funded research, your work will be subject to these policy changes, effective no later than 2025. Whether you are initiating a new research project or continuing an existing one, it is beneficial to have a Research Data Management plan that aligns with the new policy changes. This will not only streamline your research cycle process but also make it more sustainable.

To get access to this service you can submit a Data Management Plan draft via the "request feedback" option included in the DMPTool platform or by scheduling a consultation with our Research Data Services (RDS) team via Libraries website/Email and we will get back to you with feedback for your DMP (see fig 1). 

Please note that feedback might take up to a week.

Fig. 1. Workflow for the Data Management Plan Review Service


For more information or questions contact Alfredo González-Espinoza (  

Research Data Services Librarian