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Data Management for Research

Research Data Management

Use this guide for resources and best practices related to research data management. Good research data management practices across the research lifecycle helps:

  • Meet requirements of funding agencies, who often require data management plans when applying for grants
  • Ensure research integrity and replication 
  • Ensure your research data and records are accurate, complete, authentic, and reliable
  • Increase your own research efficiency - the less time you have to spend cleaning up data messes and deciphering your data, the more time you have to boost your own research agenda!
  • Save time and resources in the long run
  • Enhance data security and minimize the risk of data loss
  • Prevent duplication of effort by enabling others to use your data
  • Comply with practices conducted in industry and commerce


If you are unsure of the data management policies or practices best suited for your research, or if you have any other questions, please contact the University Libraries Data and Publishing Services team.