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Resource & Discovery Services: Home

This guide is an overview of services provided by the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries' Resource & Discovery Services Department.

Staff Directory

Kimberly Dolan
Head of Resource & Discovery Services / Accounts Manager

Kristin Heath
Head of Cataloging / Senior Librarian

Terrence Chiusano
Technical Services Specialist

Jan Hardy
Library Specialist

Gloria Henning
Periodical Specialist

Dominick Jebbia
Serials Associate
Melanie Klaput
Library Associate for Ordering
Maranda Reilly
Electronic Resources Manager

Ruth Ann Schmidt
Library Associate for Ordering

Jon Singletary
Library Systems Specialist

Leah Zande

Mailroom Supervisor/Library Materials Processing Coordinator





Suggestion for a new book?

Contact Liaison Librarian responsible for that subject area.

Having problems accessing a database?

Report the problem through the “Report a Problem” form embedded in every Discovery record.

Contact Liaison Librarian responsible for that subject area.



Resource & Discovery Services

What We Do:

The Resource & Discovery Services Department is composed of Acquisitions, Cataloging, Processing, Serials, and Mailroom Services.  We procure all library materials including print, electronic, and audio-visual, assure that they are cataloged, processed and available to faculty and patrons quickly. We manage all mail and deliveries for the Hunt building, renew all print and electronic subscriptions, handle licensing and contracts for materials and establish and maintain access to all material in the Library catalog.  We are responsible for budgeting and managing the Library materials budget, creating financial, usage statistics and various material related reports.  Our logistical specialties ensure a smooth operation of all requirements for our large student body and busy faculty.


Vision Statement:

Agile solutions for CMU's evolving information needs


Mission Statement:

The Resource & Discovery Services Team collaborates with internal and external partners to initiate, steward, and enhance the resource lifecycle to provide essential services to support research and teaching and enable access for an international community of faculty, researchers, and students. We strive to create an environment dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and teamwork.

We support the vision, mission, and values of the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries by:

  • Acquiring, cataloging, processing, and enabling access to library resources in a timely and accurate manner
  • Maintaining library resources through their entire lifecycle
  • Liaising between faculty, vendors, and publishers
  • Effectively negotiating and managing licenses and contracts for library resources
  • Collecting, analyzing, and reporting usage statistics to drive data-informed decisions
  • Identifying and applying tools, technologies, and metadata strategies to support emerging models of scholarly communication
  • Prioritizing resource discoverability and accessibility
  • Developing an agile and flexible infrastructure to ensure seamless resource access
  • Taking a proactive and transparent approach to project management, troubleshooting, and problem solving

Who Does What

Kim Dolan 8-2441- Head of Resource & Discovery Services / Accounts Manager

Questions about billing, invoices, electronic resources and journals as they relate to payment & renewals, allocation, questions on funds, purchasing new resources, transferring funds, usage stats, licenses and contracts, vendor related questions/issues and general inquiries.

Kristin Heath 8-7267 – Head of Cataloging / Senior Librarian 

Answers questions about library catalog records for print materials and can fix errors in print records, does copy and original cataloging for music scores, supervises the Library Specialist for Cataloging and Periodical Specialist, reviews original cataloging records created by the Library Specialist for Cataloging, monitors cataloging listservs to keep up with cataloging trends, investigates ways to use Alma more efficiently for large scale projects. 

Terrence Chiusano 8-7309 - Technical Services Specialist      

Questions relating to standing orders and the approval plan, both e- and print, as well as questions about the review shelves in the Mailroom. Can also help with questions related to print serials.  Questions related to gifts. Questions related to discards/withdrawals.

Jan Hardy 8-7320 – Library Specialist for Cataloging

Catalogs monographs and other materials for the humanities and for the Fine Arts Library, Special Collections -- the Artists’ Book Collection and Fine and Rare Book Room.  Catalogs CDs for the Music Listening Collection, and DVDs for the Video Collection. Does some original cataloging. Adds table of contents notes to records in the OCLC database as part of the Enhance Project.

Gloria Henning 8-2450 – Periodical Specialist 

Staffs a public service office on HL3.  Responds to inquiries regarding floor collections (periodicals, microforms, newspapers, and monographs).  Performs collection maintenance duties (shifting, shelving, purging materials) and coordinates floor projects (title review, space verification, and weeding).  Monitors noise level on HL3 and actively enforces floor’s Quiet Study Policy

Dom Jebbia 8-7124– Serials Associate 

Questions about serial subscriptions, claims, damaged journal issues, micro- subscriptions.  

Melanie Klaput - Library Associate for Ordering

Art, Architecture, Design, History, Music, Film, Interactive Design, Arts & TechnologyDigital Humanities, Special Collections. Questions about book requests, firm orders, the status of firm orders & firm order receipt in her subject areas.  Orders streaming titles and manages subscription-based models from various streaming services. Updates R&DS Libguides page and creates monthly updates blog.

Maranda Reilly – Electronic Resources Manager

Questions about serials and their links for electronic access.  Comprehensive questions covering serials problems with multiple aspects, or that defy categorization. Questions related to eResources, usage statistics, EZproxy/ authentication, and discovery (Primo VE).

Ruth Ann Schmidt 8-7308 - Library Associate for Ordering

Science, Engineering, Business, Heinz School, Public policy (Heinz / Engineering & Public Policy funds), Social & Decision Science, Statistics, Reference (Sorrells, Hunt, & Mellon)' English, Writing, Drama, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Psychology, Brain Hub, Cyber Security, Environment Across the Curriculum. Questions about book requests, firm orders, the status of firm orders & firm order receipt, in her subject areas. Questions about replacement orders, status of replacement orders & the receipt of replacement orders for Hunt, E&S, MI.

Jon Singletary 8-3878 – Library Systems Specialist 

Makes configuration changes in Alma. Troubleshoots access to electronic resources. Reports issues with Alma to Ex Libris.

Leah Zande-Journal Check-in/Mailroom Manager/Library Materials Processing Coordinator

Questions relating to journal and newspaper check-ins and claims.  Questions about book and serials bindery.  U.S. and Campus mail, in- and outgoing UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Airborne Express packages, office and library supplies ordering for Cataloging and Acquisitions.  Also handles books returning from Offsite to campus and physical processing of all materials.