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Modern Languages: 82780 Graduate Research Seminar: Research & Publishing

Starting Points

For a full list of databases, see Databases A-Z.  Also, be sure to check guides by subject when researching interdisciplinary topics.


Check out Carnegie Mellon Libraries financial support for open access publishing.

Lit Review & Systematic Lit Review

NOTE: Not all reviews are suited for all research pedagogy and writing.  Check out our Systematic Review Guide for guidance on selecting the correct review method.

Advanced Search in Google Scholar

Up Your Google Scholar Game

Up your search strategies

  • Keep track of your strategies
  • Prepare synonyms, don't just rely on those provided by a single database <each database speaks its own language depending on how specialized they are>
  • Check HELP in each database, some use different characters than standard truncations <like using "?" instead of "*">
  • Don't just look at subjects, look at author provided keywords.