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CMU Australia: Data and Statistics

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Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

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The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is an organization made up of member institutions with the aim of aquiring, perserving and making available social science data. ICPSR archives data collections in sociology, political science, history, and economics. ICPSR has seven special areas of emphasis in gerontology, substance abuse and mental health, criminal justice, child care, health and medical care, education, and demography. 

As CMU faculty, student or staff, you have access to ICPSR's rich collection of data resources, as well as teaching materials to assist in teaching with data. Membership also provides discounts on a wealth of training and learning opportunities offered by ICPSR.

For more information about ICPSR, visit this ICPSR research guide.

Commercial data aggregators

The library offers access to a number of commercial products that aim to facilitate the discovery and use of data from public and private sources.

Business and Economic Data

We have many databases and resources for doing research about business, companies, industries and markets. Here are links to guides for these research areas to get you more quickly to the most appropriate resource:

  • Market Research: Investigate a market, competition and business environment
  • Company Research: Find information and data about companies in various sectors
  • Industry Research: Find market size, industry leaders, statistics, current status, future trends, etc. of various industries
  • Finance: For information on finance, banking, investments and more.

Training and Skill-building

Geospatial Resources


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For more about geospatial data, visit the Spatial Data research guide.