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Audio Collection: Special Services for LPs

Special Services for LPs

Requesting Circulating Copies of LPs

Due to their fragile and unique nature, the LPs in the collection are allowed to circulate only to faculty and staff for class use. However, any patron with a valid Carnegie Mellon ID may ask to have a circulating CD copy made of an LP in the collection:

  1. Go to the music listening room during regular hours with a printout or call number of the item you wish to have duplicated
  2. Fill out the request form, including your name, e-mail address or phone number

Duplicating and processing will take from 3-7 days, depending on how many items are in the queue. The CD copies become the property of Carnegie Mellon University, and circulate to all patrons for 1 week. A fine of $0.25 per day per item is assessed for overdue items.

Dubbing Individual Cuts from a Recording (LP)

Patrons wishing to have a short portion of a recording from the collection duplicated, may do so under the following conditions:

  • The selection must consist of no more than 10% of the total recording (for example, one song from a musical)
  • Patrons must furnish their own cassette tapes/CDRs

Although the dubbing can usually be done while the patron waits, sometimes it may be necessary to leave the tape and return for it later.