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Audio Collection: Procedure for Instructors


Kristin Heath
Music & Catalog Librarian


Other Library Resources

It is possible to insert static URLs from Classical Music Library and Naxos Music Library into Canvas.

Contact Kristin Heath for instructions.

Procedure for Instructors

The following are steps to request items to be placed on Digital Audio Reserves. Please direct all questions and requests for assistance to Kristin Heath ( All physical items to be digitized should be submitted to Arts Desk staff on the 4th floor of Hunt Library.

1. Choose a commercial music CD from the library's Audio Collection or provide a personal copy of a singluar work for reserve.


2. Submit CDs with playlists you have created yourself. Use mp3 format.

3. Arts Library staff will process your request, convert the files to Google music player format, and modify the source URL to make the tracks streaming only. We'll send you an html file you can insert into Canvas or you can give Kristin Heath designer privileges in Canvas so she can insert the files for you.