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Physics: Finding Journal Articles

What if I Just Want to Find a Particular Journal?

Use Our e-Journals A-Z List to Locate a Journal Hidden in a Fulltext Database

This automated list can point the user to the full text of articles while they're in a database with the "GET IT" button.  The list keeps track of electronic journals even if the full text is buried in a general literature database like ProQuest or LexisNexis.


Don't Forget the Reference Librarian

If at any time you want us to double check to see if we have access to a particular journal, please don't hesitate to ask.

Databases where you'll find journal articles:

  • AIP Conference Proceedings (Carnegie Mellon only) - all of the conference papers of the American Institute of Physics conference proceedings can be searched and retrieved from this database.
  • ARIBIB - ARI (Astronomisches Rechen-Institut) Bibliographic Database for Astronomical References. 
  • (eprints) - article preprints in electronic format from all areas of physics; the arXiv is broadening to include mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, and statistics. 
  • Astrophysics Data System (Smithsonian/NASA) - known chiefly as a bibliographic database with links to fulltext articles in astronomy and astrophysics, this database also describes other areas of physics and is linked to the arXiv.
  • Google Scholar - free index of a broad swath of scholarly literature with many links to fulltext; very up-to-date indexing, but somewhat lacking in what one can do with search output.
  • INSPEC (Carnegie Mellon only) - database of abstracts of literature in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, and computer science; provides many links to fulltext and includes some literature analysis tools.
  • INSPIRE (high energy physics eprints, formerly SPIRES) - the first 'killer app' of the World Wide Web, this database provides access to articles and papers in the area of high energy physics.
  • Scitation - fulltext database of physics, chemistry, geosciences and engineering articles from a number of scholarly societies.
  • SCOPUS - multidisciplinary abstract database with a better emphasis on conference proceedings than Web of Science; provides citation searching and many literature analysis tools; doesn't reach back in time as far as Web of Science.
  • Web of Science (journal articles, cited reference searching) - database of abstracts of the articles of many important journals with many items linked to the fulltext; provides citation searching and many literature analysis tools.
  • 19th Century Masterfile - This resource includes a search of the Catalogue of Scientific Publications of the Royal Society.  There are convenient links to a surprising amount of full text.
  • 18th Century Collections Online - This resource includes a significant amount of science, technology and medical literature.  Again, the amount of full text available is surprising.