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English: Program - Rhetoric: Websites

Websites & Blogs

Scope: This collection of links provides access to resources that are published by individuals and or organizations within this discipline. However, this list is not intended to be a directory for academic departments. These can be found by searching online by the name of the academic institution and/or department. If you are unable to locate such listing, please feel free to email me:


  • - is an is a multilingual interactive portal whose mission is to circulate information related to discourse analysis varying from realted publications to professional events.
  • Forest of Rhetoric: A guide to terms of classical and rennaisance rhetori (Brigham Young University)
  • Kairosnews - a weblog discussing rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy.

  • The Pittsburgh Consortium for Rhetoric and Discourse Studies (PCRDS)is a collection of scholars and students from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.  Its goals are to improve communication, promote collaboration, and foster community amongst students and scholars interested broadly in these areas of study in and around Pittsburgh.  This is a good source for citations of publications by scholars in this region.