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Mellon Institute Library Special Collections: Books

A brief history of the Mellon Institute and a description and listing of the materials held in the library's special collection.





Stained glass window dedicated to Andrew Mellon in the National Cathedral.  Public Domain image Books



Clark, George L. The Encyclopedia of Chemistry. New York: Reinhold, 1957. (QD5.C59 1957)

Feller, Robert L., Elizabeth H. Jones and Nathan Stolow. On Picture Varnishes and Their Solvents. Oberlin, OH : Intermuseum Conservation Association. (TT 300 .F31)

Fessenden, R.W. & R.H. Schuler. Electron Spin Resonance Studies of Transient Alkyl Radicals. Pittsburgh: Mellon Institute radiation Research Laboratories, 1963. (QC 437. F41 1963)

Hamor, William Allen. The Science-History of the Universe. Current Literature, 1909. (QD11. H3 1909)

Hessler, John C. Junior Science. Chicago: Saborn, 1921. (Q161. H55 v.2 1921)

Howe, H.E. Chemistry in Industry. New York: Chemical, 1924. (TP7 .H6 vol. I, II)

Maxwell, Bryce. Transactions of the Society of Rheology. New York: Interscience, 1957. (QC 189. S67 v.1 1957)

Tressler, Donald K. The Wealth of the Seas. New York: Century, 1927. (SH211 .T7 1927)

Tressler, Donald K. and Clifford F. Evers. The Freesing Preservation of Fruits, Fruit Juices, and Vegetables. New York: AVI, 1936. (TP493 .T7 1936)


Chemistry in Art Conservation

National Gallery of Art. 1973 Studies in the History of Art. Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art, 1973. (N5303. N27 1973)

Research Laboratory Museum of Fine Arts. Application of Science in Examination of Works of Art. Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, 1958. (N7436. B74 1958)




Bergen, J.T. Viscoelasticity. New York: Academic, 1960. (QA 931 A73 1960)

Duncan, R.K. The New Knowledge. New York: Barnes, 1926. (QD39 . D8 1926)

Ruark, Arthur E. & Harold Clayton Urey. Atoms, Molecules and Quanta . New York: McGraw-Hill, 1930. (QC174 .R8 1930)



Industrial Research

Bacon, Raymond Foss and William A. Hamor. The American Petroleum Industry. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1916. (TN872 .B3 vol. I, II)

Barr, W.E. and Victor J. Anhorn. Scientific and Industrial Glass Blowing and Laboratory Techniques. Pittsburgh: Instruments Publishing Company, 1949. (TP859 .B26)

Duecker, Werner W. and James West. The Manufacture of Sulfuric Acid. New York: Reinhold, 1959. (TP215 .D85)

Faith, W.L., Donald B. Keyes, et al. Industrial Chemicals. New York: Wiley, 1950. (TP200 .F17)

Gluud, Prof. Dr W. International Handbook of the By-Product Coke Industry. New York, NY : Chemical Catalog, 1932. (TP336 .G5 1932)

Harrison, W.A. and M.B. Webb. The Fermi Surface. New York: Wiley, (TA459 .I61 1960)

Hemeon, W.C.L. Plant and Process Ventilation. New York: The Industrial Press, (TH7653 .H48 1955)

Johnson, George H. Textile Fabrics. New York: Harper, 1927. (TS1446 .J6)

McKee, Ralph H. Shale Oil. New York: Chemical, 1925. (TN871 .M3)

Meller, H.B. and L.B. Sisson. The Municipal Smoke Problem. Pittsburgh: Mellon Institute, 1935. (TD884 .M52 1935)

Mellon Institute. A Selected Annotated Bibliography on the Hygienic Aspects of Aluminum and Aluminum Utensils. Pittsburgh: Mellon Institute, 1933. (Z7911 .M5b No.3)

Mellon Institute Public Relations Dept. Carnegie Institute of Technology Nuclear Research Center E=Mc2. Pittsburgh: Mellon Institute, 1949. (No call no.)

Tipson, Stuart R., Edward E. Marbaker, et al. From the Research Laboratory to the Arm Forces. Pittsburgh: Broadcast by Station WCAE, 1946. (T175 .M5M 1946)

Rudolfs, Willem. Industrial Wastes Their Disposal Treatment. New York: Reinhold, 1953. (TD897 .R91 1953)

Weidlein, Edward. and William A. Hamor. Glances at Industrial Research. New York: Reinhold, 1936. (T175 .W4G)

Weidlein, Edward Ray. The Biochemistry of Inositol. Pittsburgh: Mellon Institute, 1951. (Z7911 .M5b No. 6)

Wilson, P.J. and J.H. Wells. Charbon, Coke Et Sous-Produits. Paris, France : Librairie Polytechnique Ch. Beranger, 1953. (TP336 .W75a 1953)

Balloon company


Books Written about Andrew W. Mellon and the Mellon Institute



Denton, Frank R. The Mellons of Pittsburgh. New York: Newcomen Society of England, american Branch, 1948. (CT275 M52D4)

Love, Philip H. Andrew W. Mellon: The Man and His Work. Baltimore: Coggins, 1929. (CT275 .M5)

Marschner, Jeannine. Forty Years of Firsts (The Recollections of a Dow Corning Pioneer). New York: McGraw-Hill, 1990. (HD 9660 .S544D688 1990)

Mellon Institute. General Information for Members. Pittsburgh: Mellon Institute, 1958. (Q183 .M5G 1958)

Mellon Institute. General Information for Members/Mellon Institute. Pittsburgh: Mellon Institute, 1958. (Q183. M5G 1958 Book)

Mellon Institute. General Information for Members/Mellon Institute. Pittsburgh: Mellon Institute, 1958. (Q183. M5G 1958 Supplement)

Mellon Institute. Mellon Institute Members Guide. Pittsburgh: Mellon Institute, 1949. (Q183 .M45X 1949)

Mellon Institute. Science and Human Progress - Addresses at the Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Mellon Institute. Pittsburgh, 1964. (No call no.)

Members of the Mellon Institute. Mellon Institute Bibliographic Series Bulletin and Supplements 1-9. Pittsburgh: The Institute, 1922. (Z7911 .M5B vol. 1-7)

Miller, Donald. The Architecture of Benno Janssen. Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University, 1997. (NA737 .J63M55X 1997)

Schwartz, Helen J. Mellon Institute Executive Staff 1911-1967 and the University of Kansas Fellows. 1972. (CT100 .M52)