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eBooks: eBook tips

This guide is designed to provide information on eBooks from finding them to technical requirements for reading them.

We’ve all been there.  You find the eBook you’re looking for and all you want is to download it onto your device — and you can’t.  It’s a frustration we share. We’re working hard behind the scenes to make it easier, but in the mean time here are a few common issues to help you access your eBook quickly and easily.

Make sure you know who is providing your eBook

Not all eBooks are the same.  The people we purchase eBooks from put restrictions on how often they can be used, by how many people, and how much of the book can be viewed at one time.  If you know who provides the eBook, that’ll help us figure out what the issues are.

We have a collection of the major eBook providers, with explanations on the best way to use their systems.  The best thing to do is try and look for logos at the top of the screen.  We can provide a lot more information once we know who that is.

Make sure you know what format your device can use

Just as not all eBooks are created equal, neither are eBook readers.  Some eBooks are only available for certain readers or in certain formats.  The most common formats are EPUB, HTML, MOBI, and PDF (DRM and DRM-free).  If your device isn’t loading your eBook correctly, make sure the file format is something the device supports.

Are there apps that can help?

Definitely!  A lot of providers have their own apps, but there are a few good, general apps that should let you read your eBook, regardless of file format.


Adobe Digital Editions for PDFs with DRM (digital rights management).

Any other PDF reader. We all have favorites. A few of ours are Skim (Mac), Stanza (Mac and Windows) and Sumatra (Windows).

iOS (links go to iTunes)

Bluefire Reader app icon links to Apple iTunes store

Bluefire Reader - free. Supports EPUB, PDF (free and some DRM)

Android (links go to Google Play)

Aldiko app icon links to Google Play store

Aldiko - free/$2.99 pro. Supports EPUB, PDF (free and some DRM).

Bluefire Reader app icon links to Google Play store

Bluefire Reader - free. Supports EPUB, PDF (free and some DRM)

Moon+ Reader app icon links to Google Play store

Moon+ Reader - free/$4.99 pro. Supports HTML, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, TXT and more.

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