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KiltHub Repository: FAQs

KiltHub FAQs

  • Do I have to use KiltHub?

While many research funders require research to be publicly available, KiltHub is just one repository option. There may be a more appropriate disciplinary repository for your research. In addition, some research content cannot and should not be shared publicly. Other curation options are necessary for this research.

  • I tried to log in, but KiltHub says I don't have an account

Current Carnegie Mellon University faculty, staff, and grad students will have KiltHub accounts based on their Workday affiliations. If you cannot log into KiltHub with your Andrew credentials, contact the KiltHub team 

  • Are there storage or file size limitations?

Your KiltHub account will initially provide 20GB of storage. If you need more you can request it on the My Data page in your account, or by contacting the KiltHub team. You can upload individual files up to 5GB in the web interface. Larger files can be uploaded through an FTP process. 

  • Is there a cost to use KiltHub?

Accessing KiltHub content is free to anyone with internet access, but depositing content in KiltHub is free only to CMU affiliates. As usage grows and project file sizes increase, cost models may be introduced to support repository services.

  • What support can I get from the Libraries?

The KiltHub team and your departmental liaison are available to consult with you on research data management, scholarly publishing, copyright, digital preservation, and more. Just ask, we're happy to help!

  • Does KiltHub meet accessibility standards?

The figshare platform complies with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines, Section 508 standards, and European accessibility standard EN 301 549. Content uploaded into KiltHub is accessible at the discretion of the researcher. Carnegie Mellon's Disability Resources office provides guidelines for digital content accessibility.

  • How is KiltHub content preserved?

KiltHub content is monitored and preserved at the bit level and stored on Amazon AWS S3 infrastructure. Files and metadata are backed up nightly, and redundant copies are kept to sustain loss of data in multiple facilities. Each file is given an MD5 checksum when uploaded. File integrity is regularly checked against the checksum to make sure the file is intact

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