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Jessica Benner

CS Liaison & GIS Specialist
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Jessica Benner
4406 Wean Hall
Hi! I'm Jessica and I am a library liaison for the Computer Science Department, Human Computer Interaction Institute, Institute for Software Research, Robotics Institute, Entertainment Technology Center, and Information Networking Institute. I am also one of the libraries' GIS Specialists.

I can help you learn about the University Libraries and our services, how to write literature reviews and conduct qualitative research, how to brainstorm and create concept maps and visualizations, purchase materials related to computing, learn to use GIS tools and find spatial data, and much more. Send me a message to set up a 1:1 or get help via email.

My Guides

Computer Science
Last update: Nov 29, 2021 1053 views
Last update: Jul 13, 2021 1035 views
Last update: Nov 29, 2021 2769 views
Cybersecurity Canon
Last update: Jul 24, 2018 10 views
Last update: Oct 28, 2021 512 views
Last update: Nov 29, 2021 41 views
Last update: Nov 29, 2021 31 views
Last update: Oct 26, 2021 2111 views
Last update: Nov 29, 2021 297 views
Spatial Data
Last update: Feb 15, 2018 91 views

My Subject Specialties