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Jessica Benner

Library Liaison, Computer Science, Philosophy & GIS
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Jessica Benner
4406 Wean Hall
Hi! I'm Jessica and I am a library liaison for the Philosophy Department, Computer Science Department, Machine Learning Department, and Information Networking Institute. I am also one of the libraries' GIS Specialists.

I can help you learn about the University Libraries and our services, how to write literature reviews and conduct qualitative research, how to brainstorm and create concept maps and visualizations.

I can purchase materials related to philosophy, computing, and GIS tools and data.

Reach out, I am happy to help!

My Guides

Computer Science
Last update: Sep 1, 2022 118 views
Last update: Jun 9, 2022 236 views
Last update: Jan 19, 2023 741 views
Last update: Sep 19, 2022 292 views
Last update: Feb 2, 2023 14 views
Last update: Aug 17, 2022 697 views
Last update: Feb 13, 2023 3246 views
Last update: Aug 31, 2022 32 views
Spatial Data
Last update: Nov 4, 2022 21 views