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Quaranzines: Writing Prompts

Quarantine Zines

Writing Prompts

What is your day to day life like under quarantine?

This can look like:

  • A daily schedule of events (e.g. 7:00 am alarm, 7:00:01 hit snooze for the first time, 7:30 am actually wake up, 7:35 am wash hands for 20 seconds, 7:36 get breakfast - yum a protein bar and instant coffee while catching up with social media, 8:10 am change from sleep pajamas to awake pajamas, login to Zoom for 8:30 class, 8:50 am shoo away the person who hasn't spoken to you in 10 years that suddenly appears asking for a time sensitive favor, etc.)
  • Draw, photograph, or find pictures from the internet or magazines or newspapers or even the Carrefour coupon flyer that represent scenes from your daily life. These can be literal (for example a picture of you taking your daily nap captured by a family member or friend) or metaphorical (a picture of a rock hyrax labeled "sleep goals"). 
  • Both Zines and memes remix and reuse images in new and unexpected ways so don't forget to incorporate images and words from some of your favorite memes going around right now that you feel best capture the spirit of the times. 
  • Find a way to represent the differences, even if extremely subtle, between where you've carved out a space for schoolwork and where you do everything else. Show some of the places where you are living and working whether in pictures you've taken or drawn or found.




  • Create a fold out map of your living space at home or even the "commute" from your bed to your desk
  • Create a Zoom bingo card