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Thomson Analyst Research Reports: How to Get Them: Start here

Finding research reports on public companies

The Thomson ONE database contains (among other things) research reports on companies and industries from top investment banks and research firms. Here's what you need to do to search for and retrieve the reports.  (New note:  Thomson has increased monitoring university use, and threatens to cut us off if there is too much.  So please use the preview function and download only what you need.  Thanks!)

Here's a quick video of a sample search.

  1. If you are on the campus network, go to #2.  If you are not on the campus network, activate the VPN, using these instructions. [Thomson doesn't work with the new EZProxy system.] You will only have to do the initial setup once. (Important:  under "Group" change "General Use Campus VPN" to "Library Resources VPN" using the dropdown menu.)

  2. Using Internet Explorer 11 browser on Windows 7, (sorry, that's all they offer) open the Thomson ONE database. (There is a workaround if using a more current version - you can:  Open Internet Explorer and click on the Tools button and then on Compatibility View settings.   Under Add this website, enter, and then tap or click Add.)

  3. Navigation is in the blue bar at the top:

    Two ways to find the reports:

    Company-based: Start with "Company Views".  Then open "Overviews", and click on “Company Overview".  Enter your company in the upper left box (say, Goldman Sachs) and push "Go." When the page loads (a financial overview of the company), then click on “Research” in light blue bar under the navigation bar:

    and in a moment you will see a lengthy list of available research reports (scroll down).  This will default to the last 90 days - but you can expand that by changing the "Date" at the top left.

    Keyword-based:  Start with "Screening & Analysis".  Then open "Research" and click on "Research Search".  Here, in the "More Options" section, you can search for keywords in the title or entire text of the reports, which will combine various company and industry reports.  This will default to the last 90 days - but you can expand that by changing the "Date" at the top left.  You can also search by analyst and other limiters - you'll see the options on the search screen.  If you get too many hits, you can "Sort by Keyword Relevance" which should bring the ones with the most occurrences of your keyword to the top.

  4. Preview:  When you click on the title of the report you would like to read, you'll see where the Keywords appear (see screenshot) - you can click on those links without opening the document to see if the relevant sections are useful.

  5. To open the document: check off the pages you want from the Table of Contents, or all pages (at the top - left of company name) – select "View" at the bottom; the .pdf will appear in a new tab.

  6. Remember that our contract requires that these reports are for academic use only - do not email to outside parties. (Thomson tracks use.)