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Institute for Software Research: 17-612: Business & Marketing Strategy: CEO Leadership Style & Company Culture

Getting Started

  • Finding information about leadership style and company culture can be challenging. A strategy that you can use is to check the business literature (magazines, newspapers, articles, etc.) to see if CEOs have been interviewed or profiled in a way that determines their leadership style. You can also search the business literature for any articles on company/corporate culture.
  • Use the following business literature/article resources to search for possible stories that may help with this.



Try the following search strategy in each publication listed below:

(Company name AND CEO/executive name AND leadership)

(Company name AND "company culture" OR "corporate culture"



Amazon OR "Amazon Inc." AND "Andy Jassy" AND leadership

Facebook OR Meta AND "Mark Zuckerberg" AND leadership

Google OR Alphabet AND "company culture" OR "corporate culture"

Wall Streeet Journal

Fast Company


Business Insider


Business Week