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Institute for Software Research: 17-612: Business & Marketing Strategy: Corporate Structure & Organization

Getting Started

Use the following resources to get names, some contact info, and position within an organization for executives/key personnel. You can also get a sense of the organizational structure of the company.

The Official Board

This is resource that CMU does not subscribe to - however, information on company org charts can be obtained with a free sign-up.



1. Scroll down and create a free account under the "NetWorker" option.

2. After signing up, follow the directions for account activation/confirmation.

3. Once logged in, search for company of interest in the box at the top.

4. An org chart will be displayed on the page. NOTE: your free account only allows for 15 org charts to be viewed.

5. You can not print or download org charts with a free account.

Leadership Connect



1. After connecting to resource, search for company of interest in the search bar at the top.

2. On the company's profile page, scroll down to "Officers & Management" section to get contact info.

3. To get a sense of company/organization structure, select the "Navigate Organization Structure" drop-down box.

4. NOTE: This resource does not allow downloading information.