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Business/Heinz: 45-941/94-814: Evidence-Based Management: FIND SCHOLARLY ARTICLES HERE

Management literature - Scholarly Google search

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is Google's database of scholarly research, containing articles, theses, books, and unpublished papers from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. To get access to our subscriptions, go to "Settings, (at the top)" then "Library Links" (at left) - enter Carnegie Mellon in the search box, check the box appearing below, and Save.

Research from Associations, Organizations

Management literature - articles in databases

Research databases are commercial repositories for thousands of journal articles, requiring a subscription for access.  Below are the primary databases for management research.  Google Scholar (box to the left) searches most of their contents but not all, and doesn't offer the same searching capabilities.

Occasionally you'll find a reference to an article without the full text - in that case, click the (Find a copy) or icon to find it.

    Management literature - books


    Management books are easy to find - in the library catalog, on Amazon, in Worldcat - but harder than articles to classify as definitively evidence-based.  Clues would be: are they published by a scholarly publisher or university press?  Has the author published other evidence-based articles?  

    Management literature - handbooks

    Scholarly "handbooks" collect literature reviews, seminal research, or new approaches - they usually deal with a specific topics.