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Teaching and Learning Toolkit

This guide is intended as a tool-kit for instruction librarians.

Library Instruction Coordination: Outreach for Library Teaching & Learning (OLibTeL)

The Outreach for Library Teaching & Learning (OLibTeL) group is concerned with the big picture of library teaching and learning activities.  To that extent, the group oversees the overall structure and process of these activities and will act as a clearinghouse for University Libraries’ workshops and instructional activities that are delivered to Carnegie Mellon University students, staff, and faculty.  In that capacity, OLibTel:

  • Maintains a streamlined process for delivering workshops and addresses topic gaps and different modalities for workshop instruction.
  • Develops marketing materials for instructional activities including web content, brochures, and the Instructional Menu in collaboration with External Relations.
  • Supports teaching activities by creating and managing an information bank, available to all library staff and faculty, including community teaching materials and teaching resources that reflect best practices.
  • Identify, share, and coordinate training opportunities related to teaching and learning.

Minutes from March 2018 to present reside on a folder in the University Libraries Shared Google Drive (click here to access them).

Above are agenda and minutes prior to March 2018.