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Archiving Student Organizations

This guide will assist CMU Student Organizations in collecting, organizing, and archiving their records.


The University Archives is home to over 100 years of CMU history. We collect, organize, describe, and make accessible archival materials which document the history of CMU. 

How does the University Archive decide what to collect to tell CMU's history?

The University Archive collects archival materials related to the history of Carnegie Mellon University and its people. This includes records created by the University's administration, colleges, centers, departments, alumni, faculty, staff, and students. Most of the archival collections in the archive were donated to the University Archive. In the past, student organizations were not actively collected in real time and this has resulted in gaps in our collection.

Your History

Students are the heart of CMU and the records your student organizations create are part of CMU's history. Preserving your records will leave future Tartans with a glimpse of what campus life was like socially, culturally, and politically at CMU in 2021. The University Archives is committed to preserving collections reflective of the diverse student experience at CMU including LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities, students with disabilities, and women.

Work with an Archivist

Want to learn how to ensure your student organization's history is preserved for future members of your community? We're here to help!

Contact the Processing Archivist for Community Collections to learn more about:

  • Documenting and organizing your organization's history.
  • Transferring your archival materials to the University Archive.
  • Digitizing your archival materials to increase accessibility.