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Archiving Student Organizations

This guide will assist CMU Student Organizations in collecting, organizing, and archiving their records.


"If history were past, history wouldn't matter. History is the present... You and I are history. We carry our history. We act our history."

- James Baldwin, Novelist 

Tips for preserving your organization's history

  • Take photographs of your meetings, events, and community members.
  • Save materials which document your organization's history, traditions, community engagement, and activism.
  • Store your materials together in a safe place protected from heat, water, and pests.
  • Consider electing a "secretary" or "historian" to be the record-keeper of your student organization. The individual in the role could be responsible for documenting and collecting materials, passing down knowledge and best practices to new members. They could also serve as the point of contact with the University Archives.
  • Develop a straightforward filing system for both your physical and digital materials. (We can help you!)
  • Document your organization's participation in campus traditions and events like:
    • The Fence
    • Buggy
    • The Fair
    • Spring Carnival