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Music: Charles J. Rosenbloom Collection

Music in the Fine & Rare Book Room

A collection of music prints and manuscripts acquired from the estate of Mr. Rosenbloom in 1974. 

Hunt, Jno L. "Music Prints and Manuscripts Given to the Hunt Library, Carnegie Mellon University by Charles J. Rosenbloom." Notes: The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association 33, no. 3 (March 1977): 553-562.

Bach, J.S.

48 Preludes et Fugues pour le forte-piano. Paris: aux adresses ordinaires. Bonn, Ches l'editeur N. Simrock [1800]. 
2 parts in 1 volume (plate marks 166 & 138). First edition. Binding: half red levant morocco by Birdsall. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 786.2187 B11W SI]

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Sonata per il piano-forte ed un violino obligato, scritta in uno stile molto concertante, quasi come d'un concerto...Opera 47. A Bonn, Chez N. Simrock. A Paris chez H. Simrock. ...[1805]. 
Engraved throughout. First edition. With part: Violino obligato (12 pp.). Contemporary marbled wrappers, with yellow label on which title is inscribed in Gothic script. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 787.2 B41S OP. 47 No. 9 1805]

Sonate für Piano-forte und Violin. Sr. Kaiserl. Hoheit dem durchlauchtingsten Prinzen Rudolph Erzherzog von tiefer Ehrfurcht zugeeignet...96tes Werk. Wien, bei S. A. Steiner und comp. [1816].
Engraved throughout. Uncut. First edition. No. 2581. In sky blue linen portfolio.
SPEC-RBS-4 787.2 B41S OP. 96 No. 10 1816]

33 veränderungen über einen Walzer für des piano forte120tes Werk. Wien, bey Cappi u. Diabelli; Leipzig, C.F. Peters [1823]. 
Plate mark C et D. No. 1380. First edition. Marbled wrappers. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 786.21825 B41V 1823]

Grand sonate pour le pianoforte [in C major], op. 53. Vienna: Bureau des arts et d'industrie [1805]. 
Plate mark 449. First edition. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 786.2183 B41S OP.53 1805]

Sonata quasi una fantasia per il clavicembalo o pianoforte, op. 27, no. 2. Vienna, G. Cappi [1802].
Plate mark 879. First edition. Binding: blue panelled levant morocco by Birdsall. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 784.183 B414]

Sinfonie pour 2 violins, 2 viols, violoncello et contreviolon, 2 flutes, petite flute, 2 hautbois, 2 clarinettes, 2 bassons, contre-basson, 2 cors, 2 trompettes, timbales et 3 trompes...No. 5 des sinfonies. Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel [1809].
Plate mark 1329. Second edition. Binding: half crimson levant morocco by Birdsall. 22 parts bound as one. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 784.2 B41S5 1809]

Sinfonie pastorale...Oeuvre 68. No. 6 des sinfonies. Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel [1809]. 
Plate mark 1337. First edition. Presentation inscription title-page by A. Schindler, an intimate friend of Beethoven. Binding: half green levant morocco by Birdsall. 19 parts bound as one. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 784.2 B41S6 1809]

De Falla, Manuel

El sombrero de tres picos. Le tricorne. The three-cornered hat. Ballet de G. Martinez Sierra. Piano score. London: J. & W. Chester, Ltds., 1921. 
Plate mark J. & W. C. 9710. First edition. Piano score. 
Original wrappers designed by Ethelbert White. 
Laid in: La fille aux cheveux de lin; extrait des Preludes de Claude Debussy (violin & piano). Durand & Cie, 1912. Paris, 4, Place de la Madeleine. Plate Mark D. & F. 8478
[SPEC-RBS-4 785.8 F19S3 C]

Rossini, Gioacchino Antonio

Manuscript (autograph album) of two pieces. The first is "Mi lagnerò tacendo della mia sorte amara" for piano forte and voice in the key of D major. Signed by Rossini, Bordeaux 14 Mai 1832. The other manuscript is music for the harp in E-flat major. Signed by Rossini. Oblong.
[SPEC-RBS-4 783.4 R83M]

Schönberg, Arnold

Gurre-lieder von Jens Peter Jacobsen (Deutsch von Robert Franz Arnold) für soli, chor und orchesterKlavierauszug von Alban Berg. Wien, Universal-Edition, 1912. 
Autographed by Schönberg.
[SPEC-RBS-4 782.48 S365G UE] 

Schubert, Franz

Die Abgeblühte Linde, Der Flug der Zeit...Der Tod und das Madchen7tes Werk. Wien in comission bey Cappi und Diabelli [1821]. 
Plate mark C. et D. 855. Cloth portfolio. Composer's control no. and initials on back. Signature of Marie Sonnleithner of the famous Viennese musical family. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 783.4 S38S 1821]

Schwanengesang, in Musik gesetzt für eine Singstimme mit Begleitung des Pianoforte. 2 parts in 1 volume. Wien, Tobias Haslinger [1829].
Plate marks T.H. 5370-5384, consecutive. First edition. Contemporary marbled boards. "Prenumberation" issue on special paper.
[SPEC-RBS-4 783.0947 S38SC 1829] -

Der Wanderer...Morgenlied...Wandrers Nachtlied für eine Singstimme mit Begleitung des piano-forte. 4tes Werk. Wien, in comission bey Cappi und Diabelli [1821]. 
Plate mark 773. With Schubert's control no. (78) and initials on the back. Cloth portfolio. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 783.3 S38W 1822]

Winterreise von Wilhelm Müller. In Musik gesetzt für eine Singstimme mit Begleitung des Pianoforte von Franz Schubert. 89tes Werk. I-II Abt. Wien, Tobias Haslinger [n.d.].
Plate marks 5101-5124. Binding: half red morocco and cloth. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 783.0947 S38W 1828]

Wagner, Richard

Götterdämmerung. Vollständiger Klavierauszug von Karl Klindworth. Mainz, Schott [1875]. 
Plate mark 21500. First edition of the piano-vocal score. Original printed wrappers with cloth back. Printed some ten months prior to the full orchestral score. 
[SPEC-RBS-4 782.1026 W134RIG 1875]

Lohengrin. Romantische Oper in drei Akten. Partitur. Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel [1852]. 
Lithographed. Presentation edition. Original printed boards, cloth back. Autograph inscription on title-page to Robert Franz. 1 of 6 copies.
SPEC-RBS-4 782.1 W132 BRH]

Lohengrin. Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel [n.d.]
Price: 20 Thaler. Second trade edition (?). Binding: Half brown morocco.

[SPEC-RBS-4 782.1026 W13L]

Tristan und Isolde. Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel [1859].
Original libretto, first edition. Bound in marbled paper over boards and one half green moroccan; spine stamped in gold; t.e.g. Inscribed by Minna Wagner, Wagner's first wife, on half-title.
[SPEC-RBS-4 782.10268 W134TR 1859]