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Music: nkoda

About nkoda

nkoda is a sheet music subscription service that can be accessed via app on your phone, tablet, or desktop giving you direct and unlimited access to the publishers’ catalogues in app. They are partnered with over 100 publishers but some of the big ones are Barenreiter, Boosey & Hawkes, Chester, Faber Music, Novello, and Ricordi. Features include: mark-up tools, sharing of scores and playlists, uploading PDF formatted files, store and access offline, and hands-free page turner. Explore their eclectic collection of instrumental and vocal music - from Mozart, Brahms, and Stravinsky to Pink Floyd and Radiohead. Scores are not downloadable.

nkoda setup instructions

Institutional Sign In Process - Carnegie Mellon University


Select the "Sign up with an Institution" option on Here are step-by-step instructions,

If you are unable to access music while in the nkoda app, reach out to and ask them to delete your account so you can start fresh with the "Sign up with an Institution" instructions.