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Music: Wymetal Series 1: Personal Papers (1890-1970)

Von Wymetal Family Collection

Series 1: Personal Papers (1890-1970)

Box 1

FF 1 Aida - Kungholm Theatre, Stockholm

3 ink sketches on graph paper - scene design

“Dekorationes” - 1 page typscript, in German

4 water colors of scene designs, 2 signed “VW 43”, two illegible

5 scene design sketches ink on tracing paper

FF 2 Barber of Seville

Undated, unaddressed note from Wymetal re: scene design,

included Roller sketch

2 ink sketches on graph paper - VW 45

3 ink sketches on graph paper, in German - unsigned, but probably Roller

1 oversize sketch on graph paper - AR ’31 (Roller)

2 watercolors - AR (Roller)

1 ink sketch for prop item, unsigned.

FF 3 Boris Godunov

2 pages pencil/watercolor character sketches, dated 10/31 but

unsigned; some notation in German.

1 page production notes, in German

FF 4 Carmen

CARMEN , PA Kungl Teatrn, I Stockholm, 1922 (in Swedish)

4 large blueprint drawings of sets for Carmen, in English

FF 5 Christopher Columbus - Berlin

Blatter de Staatsoper und der Stadtischen Oper, X Jahrg.,

Heft 29, Mai 1930 (in German)

Magdeburger General Anzeiger, Nummer 105, Jahrgang 54, Mittwoch (Wednesday), 7 Mai 1930; marked up around article “Die Ober Christoph Kolumbus” (in German)

4 additional newspaper clippings in German

1 newspaper clipping in French (Excelsior)

Excerpt from programme book (?) (in German)

“Christopher Columbo” by Paul Claudel. Music by Darius Milhaud (William Wymetal 8.6.1938) 3 p. typescript, in English.

1 page production notes, in German

2 pencil sketches, stage design, unsigned

5 p. typescript script progression (?), in German

3 p. typescript narrative, in English

FF 6 The Consul

1 p. mss props list, in ink

The C.Z. & L. Company, 5 East 57 th Street, Suite 1700, New York, N.Y., “Inventory: The Medium and the Telephone.” 4 p. typscript on typing paper.

“The Telephone” 1 p. pencil sketch on typing paper

“The Telephone” 1p. oversize ink sketch on paper, DGP ‘45

“The Consul”, the Playbill for the Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Musical America, March 15, 1950, p. 7 “Menotti’s The Consul Begins New York Run on Broadway”, by Robert Sabin.

The Medium - 2 p. props list, typescript

The Telephone - 1 p. prop list, typescript

7 8x10 b/w prints

2 b/w photographs of scene painting, one of sketch signed H.A. Condell.

FF 7 Die Frau Ohne Schatien

Die Frau Ohne Schatien - 1 st Act, 2 nd scene, stage sketch

FF 8 Don Pasquale

Portion of envelope bearing addresses for William Wymetal ( New Orleans) and Erich Wymetal ( Vienna). Undated.

6 pencil sketches of characters, with character names; unsigned, undated.

Polichinelle , by Pablo Picasso (undated clipping)

Young Man in Masquerade Costume , by Leonardo Da Vinci (undated clipping)

FF 9 Fidelio

1 mss note regarding contents of folder, on verso of photocopy of envelope bearing addresses for Hilde von Wytmetal (LA) and William von Wymetal ( Mexico City)

1 mss note in German

4 watercolor paintaings, untitled, unsigned, undated.

FF 10 La Gioconda New Orleans 1960

1 mss. letter in German

1 typescript letter, New Oreans Opera House to Miss Ella Bouchard, regarding wigs

1 typescript letter, New Oreans Opera House to Mr. Gerhard Weidler, regarding supplemental costumes.

1 typescript letter, Wymetal to Ms. Peter Paul Fuchs.

1 mss. letter Mrs. Peter Paul Fuchs to Wymetal and typescript copy of his return letter to her.

Cavalleria Rusticana , Cast list and run-time notes, typescript

Pagliacci , Cast list and run-time notes, typescript

La Gioconda , costume descriptions, typescript

La Gioconda , character list (with voices), scene synopsis, personnel list, run time notes, costume, wigs, make-up and armor lists, props (incl. musical) list and extended scene summaries, typescript.

Untitled, groundplans and actions, typescript

FF 11 Hansel and Gretal 54 Fort Worth

1 pg. Typescript letter to Western Costume Company; unsigned.

Hansel and Gretal , costume list with mss. annotations, typescript.

Opera News , Dec. 23, 1978 and Dec. 29, 1979

Oversize crayon sketch of forest, unsigned and undated.

Hansel and Gretal , gound plan, Fort Worth Opera, 1954. Signature unreadable.

Hansel and Gretal , drawing of witch’s house, unsigned and undated.

Typescript letter to Mr. Peter Wolf from Wymetal, Nov. 23, 1953, re: set design and scene building.

FF 12 Die Heilige Elizabeth

Die Heilige Elizabeth 8 pg. Booklet set design, sketches and highlighter on paper

FF 13 Jenufa

1 detail for wood carving; Virgin Mother with angels at her feet

30 watercolors on paper, single character and costume sketches

4 watercolors on paper, multiple character and costume sketches

13 watercolors on paper, assorted eggs, rondeles and squares, including costume and props sketches, some unfinished.

FF 14 Lady MacBeth

4 b/w photographs, approx. 8x10

1 b/w photo, approx 5x7

1 booklet set design, in Russian. Paper and graph paper, binding sewn with thread.

Russian Opera, Lady MacBeth of Mzensk, by Dmitri Shostakovich Typescript of lines and stage directions, in English.

Musical cue notes (mss., unsigned, undated)

Notes for electrician (typescript)

Lighting schedule, props and furniture list (typescript)

Character motivation notes, in Russian and English (mss.)

Copy of letter to Mr. Van Horn for Mr. von Wymetal re: costumes for the chorus (1/21/35; typscript)

Letter from Mr. Van Horn to Mr. Wilhelm von Wymetal re: costumes for chorus (1/21/35; typescript with mss. notes on recto and personal mss. letter on verso.)

FF 15 Magic Flute

Envelope fragment, William von Wymetal (Pittsburgh CLO) to Armando Agnini (San Francisco Opera Co.) postmarked 7/27/1950.

Magic Flute -- 10 ground plans, red, blue and regular pencil on tracing paper

Magic Flute -- 16 scene design sketches, pencil and colored pencils, all signed Wymetal and some dated (7/12-25/1950)

Magic Flute - 1 ground plans, red, blue and regular pencil on tracing paper, signed Armando Agnini

Magic Flute - running order, Overture and Act I, two copies, both annotated.

Magic Flute - costumes

Two newspaper clippings, in German

Magic Flute plot summary, in English and German; from Viennese playbill (?)

Magic Flute - General ideas for staging, typscript, in English.

Series of letters from Mr. William von Wymetal ( Pittsburgh) to Armando Agnini ( San Francisco) regarding staging of Magic Flute. (Typscript copies, dates spanning July 13-August 16, 1950)

One letter from Armando Agnini (SF) to William von Wymetal (PGH), regarding staging and costumes of Magic Flute, typed, dated Aug. 9, 1950.

4 clippings from magazine (maybe NY Times magazine?) - pictures of sets and actors, past performances, Magic Flute. Undated.

14 pages assorted mss. notes in English and German on Magic Flute production process.

FF 16 Manon

4 scene sketches on typing paper, in pencil, 3 signed Wymetal, 1 unsigned, all undated.

Manon ? Notes to sketches and plans for scenic artist, 2 pages, typed with mss.notes in margin, in English

4 photographs of scene sketches for Manon, Acts I- IV, dated New York 1928, signed JU (Joseph Urban). Acts I and II have drawing of floor plan for scene pasted to verso.

1 colored pencil drawing of Act II scene, dated New Orleans Opera House, 1945, signed WW (William Wymetal?)

FF 17 Martha

Clipping with plot summary, undated

2 watercolor and pen drawings, scene designs, unsigned, undated

4 pages pen sketches, scene design and ground plans, on graph paper; unsigned and undated.

Scene Matters (folder) Martha (also noted on front: Falstaff, Hoffmann, Masked Ball, Pagliaci, Cav. Rusticana)

Watercolor and pen character sketch (10/23/15), with mss. notes in pen.

1 b/w photo, approx 8x10, of set, incl. one actress.

Office of the Chief Regisseur, Chicago Opera Company, Falstaff, List of Properties (2 p., typscript)

Office of the Stage Director, Martha, List of Properties, 3 p., typescript

Masking for the light towers left and right (1/2 p., typescript)

Martha - Chorus - Special (1 p., typescript)

4 character sketches, in pencil. Undated.

Martha - chorus list ? 2 p. typescript

Falstaff - lights - 1 p. mss.

Masked Ball - properties list - Philadelphia Grand

Opera, 2 p. typescript.

Tales of Hoffmann - costume list - 3 p., typescript

Tales of Hoffmann - props list - 2 p., typescript

3 pages printed sheet music

1 newspaper clipping - undated - review of

Chicago Civic Opera performance of Carmen

Martha (?) scene summary. 1 p. typecript

Directorial notes with stage sketches, 3 p. mss.

FF 18 Mignon

4 p. ground plan, in pencil on graph paper. Mss. notes.

1 p. ground plan, in pencil on paper. Mss. notes.

1 set sketch, in pencil on paper, mss. notes.

Mignon?Notes to the scenic artist from W. Wymetal, undated. 2 p. typescript.

5 set sketches, Acts I (two versions to Act IV, in pencil on tracing paper. Undated; signed “Wymetal”

FF 19 Norma

Memo from William Wymetal to Monte Fassnacht, re: costumes for Norma, 10/19/1954, 2 p., typescript.

Letter from H.M. Crayon ( New York) to WvWymetal (Chicago), 10/5/1954, 2 p. typescript with mss. notes. In German.

4 p. mss notes, in English.

1 pencil sketch of druid stones on paper in pencil, with mss.notes in English. 5/10/54. unsigned.

FF 20 Parsifal

1 clipping; unsourced, undated - photo of rehearsal, including Wymetal.

6 blueprints - set design and ground plan

FF 21 Phantom of the Opera

Conductor’s copy, “Russian Opera Sequence” (on outside of folders)

Piano Vocal, The Phantom of the Opera, Opera Sequence “Martha”, Search the World Over, Act III, French Lyrics by William Wymetal.

Piano Vocal, The Phantom of the Opera, Opera Sequence “Martha”, French Lyrics by William Wymetal.

Piano Vocal, The Phantom of the Opera, French Opera Sequence, Based on themes by F. Chopin, English Lyrics by George Waggener, French Lyrics by William Wymetal, Music by Edward Ward.

FF 22 Salome

Oversize folder, noted on front Salome (in pen) and Walkure (in pencil), then once more in pen, Cast, Ballet and Supers, Properties and Arms, Scenery - Groundplan - Sketches, Costumes and Sketches.

1 piece of Pittsburgh CLO stationary (from 10 th Jubilee year); recto blank, mss. notes on verso.

Salome light plot, from Lyric Opera of Chicago, dated 10/9/1956, William Wymetal. 2 p., typescript.

Scenery sketch in pencil on paper, unsigned and undated, possibly also unfinished.

Salome light plot, from San Francisco Opera Company, dated 10/17/1950, William Wymetal. 1 p., typescript with mss. notes.

2 p. Set design, sketches on tracing paper, unsigned and undated

Envelope fragment, Wm. A. Rodzinski ( Lake Placid, NY) to Mr. William von Wymetal ( Pittsburgh, PA), no postmark.

1 p. photocopy of scene summary. Opera not indicated.

Salome , mss. character and direction notes and props list, in German. Pencil and ink on paper. 4 p.

Salome , mss. character notes, in German. Ink on paper. 1 p.

Salome , picture postcard. Some mss. notes on back, but has never been mailed.

Salome , plot summary. 1 p. newspaper clipping, in English.

Letter, Director of National Library ( Austria) to William von Wymetal, re: Czar crowning ceremony. 3/9/1930. 1 p. typescript in German. 1 p. modern English translation clipped to it.

Ruins of Herod’s Palace in Samaria, picture clipped from magazine. (?)

Photo of set design (?), signed Rudolph Hraby, Coln, 1906, picture clipped from magazine. (?)

Letter, Edward Siedle (Metropolitan Opera Company) to

Otto Weil (Vienna), re: designs for costumes for Mme. Jeritza. 6/28/1923. 1p., typscript with mss. postscript.

Letter, William von Wymetal (Schonau) to Edward Siedle (New York), re: costume designs for Mme. Jeritza. 8/1/23. In English Also includes letter(s) to other people in German and Italian. 2 p. mss. on paper.

Salome, Props List, New Orleans Opera House Association, William Wymetal, 11/17/1953, 1p. typescript.

Salome, Costume List, New Orleans Opera House Association, William Wymetal, 10/19/1953, 3 p. typescript, mss. notes in pencil on recto of p. 3.

Salome, light scheme, William Wymetal, 2/19/1937, 3 p. typescript, with mss. annotations in pencil, pen and red pencil.

Salome , set construction notes, 2 p. typescript. Undated, no location.

The Costume of Salome, instructions and specifications, 2 p. typescript, undated, no location. References sketches which are not present.

Letter, Richard S. Slotas (?) (NYC) to Edward Zeigler, 2/28/1934, re: Streamling of Merry Mount. 2 p. typscript with some mss. annotations.

Salome, “La Scena”, 2 p. typescript. Undated, no location. In Italian.

Salome, Scenery, 4 p. typescript with some mss. annotations. Undated, no location. In English and German. Signed W. Wymetal Jr.

Photo clipping - Salome crowd scene (?) undated/sourced.

Salome Chorus*Extras (list of names; undated, no location)

Salome, list for Supers (Chorus - Ballet - Ballet-Supers & Colored men), 1 p. typescript, undated, no location.

1 5x7 photo of desert landscape

2 8x10 promo photos for Salome

San Francisco Opera Co, Chicago, Wm. Wymetal, 8/29/1950, Salome, Chorus/Ballet/Supers, 1 p. mss.

San Francisco Opera Co, Chicago, Wm. Wymetal, 9/29/1953, Salome, List of Extras, 1 p. typescript.

2 loose clippings (photos), related to Salome.

2 pages clippings of photos relating to Samson Agonistes and Salome.

1 p. mss notes in German on Metropolitan Opera House stationary.

Salome, suggested cuts. 1 p. typescript, undated, no location.

1 p. mss notes in German, on Simpson and Friedlander Exporting agents stationary.

2 p. mss notes in German re: Salome, in pencil and pen, on graph and regular paper.

Costumes der Salome, 1 p. typescript in German, unsigned and undated.

Small photo, b/w w/ yellowing, Staedtische Oper, Koeln, 1906. Mounted on paper. Copy of larger clipping photo, as noted above.

Blueprint for cyclorama, Salome, signed Wymetal Jr.

Salome , light scheme, Mr. Wymetal, 1937. 4 p. typescript

Salome , property list, 1 p. typescript, no date or location, signed Wymetal Jr. in ink.

1 p. blank stationary - Wilhelm von Wymetal, Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia PA.

FF 23 Samson II

Set design sketch on tracing paper, in graphite and orange pencil; unsigned and undated.

3 ground plans, pencil sketches on tracing paper

2 set designs, pencil sketches on tracing paper

4 photocopies of b/w photos of finished sets, approx. 8.5x11.

FF 24 Peter Ibbetson

26 photostat negatives from New York Public Library, Fashions of the 19 th century, 1836-1886.

1 heavy paper fragment, inscribed Mr. Von Wymetal, Figurinen Peter Ibbetson.

FF 25 Tiefland

Scene design; Pencil drawing on Bainbridge illustration board, marked Tiefland Act I. Initialed DV; undated. On verso, stamped United Scenic Artists Local 829.

4 b/w performance photos, oversize, from Kiley-Rembrandt Studios, Philadelphia, PA. Unsigned, not labled, undated.

Scene design; pencil sketch on paper, marked Tiefland: Prologe [sic]. Unsigned and undated.

FF 26 La Vestale

3 photocopies (?) on heavy board of scene designs, Acts I-III,

Metropolitan Opera, New York, 1925, Joseph Urban. Mounted on construction paper.

FF 27 Walküre

Newspaper clipping, photo of Mr. and Mrs. Wymetal while he was managing director of the Pittsburgh CLO. Unsourced and undated.

3 scene sketches on tracing paper, in pencil. Unsigned and undated.

1 ground plan on tracing paper. Unsigned and undated.

Opera Nacional de Mexico, Wm. Wymetal, 5/18/46, Walkuere. Ground plan notes in Spanish.1 p. typescript.

Opera Nacional de Mexico, Wm. Wymetal, 5/18/46, Tristan und Isolde. Ground plan notes in Spanish.2 p. typescript.

Scene design and ground plan for Walküre, Act II, in graphite and colored pencil on blue paper. Unsigned and undated.

FF 28 Wozzeck

Promotional brochure with plot summary for Wozzeck, Philadelphia Grand Opera Company. Undated.

Ground plan and scene directions, 2 p. graphite and colored pencils on paper and typed notes.

FF 29 Faust

Faust , Costumes list, Wm. Wymetal, 1/9/1953, 3 p. typescript

Faust, List of Props, Wm. Wymetal, 1/9/1953, 3 p. typescript, w/ pencil sketches/annotations.

FF 30 Rosenkavelier

4 oversize blueprints, scene design and ground plans, unsigned and undated.

Les Pecheurs de Perles , scene design and directorial notes, in pencil on graph paper, 4 p. Unsigned and undated.

Boris Gudunov, III Akt., 1 Bild. Pen sketches. Signed AR (Alfred Roller) [19]30.

Boris Gudunov, III Akt., 1 Bild. Watercolor. Signed AR (Alfred Roller) [19]30.

Envelope with mss. notes in pencil.

FF 31 Gioelli Della Madonna

13 pages mixed photo clippings, sketches and illustrated postcards, mounted on light bond paper. With typed annotations in Italian.

3 p. mss scene notes in Italian.

3 oversize b/w photos of scene designs

3 groundplans in ink and colored pencil, mss. notes in Italian. Signed “Sella Madonna”(?; signature partly cut off, and may be restatement of title.) All stamped “R. Romascalli, Milano” or similar; stamp is faded.

FF 32 Tannhauser, Samson, Lohengrin, Pelleas, Barbiere

Mss. letter, A. Roller (Matsee) to von Wymetal (unknown, but probably New York), 8/18/31. In German.

3 scene sketches on tracing paper, in pencil. Unsigned and undated but resemble Roller’s work.

Pen sketch of groundplan for Lohengrin, Act I. Signed Wymetal, 2/20/45

Oversize scene design drawing, in pencil, crayon and paint, unsigned and undated.

Scene design sketch in pencil and orange crayon; unsigned and undated.

Lohengrin , First Act, drawing in graphite and colored Pencils on paper, signed Wymetal 2/20/45

New Orleans Opera House Association, William Wymetal, 5/27/1953. Description of scenery. 1 p., typscript.

Letter, William Wymetal to Mr. Walter Herbert, New Orleans Opera House Association, Inc., re: mailing of contract, 5/22/1952 1 p. typescript.

Letter, William Wymetal to Miss Roseland Barry, New Orleans Opera House Association, Inc., re: sketches for Barber of Seville, 5/26/1952 1 p. typescript.

1 p. mss. notes in Spanish, on legal paper.

Scene design sketch, charcoal, unsigned/dated.

2 miniature scene drawings, colored pencils, mounted on larger sheet of paper.

1 loose small scene design sketch in colored pencil/watercolors.

Peleas et Melisande , 5 oversize ground plans (graphite and colored pencils) with miniature set designs (in watercolors and colored pencil) mounted on larger piece of paper.

Scene design in graphite and watercolors, unsigned, undated and untitled.

Mss. scene notes, in English.

Opera Nacional De Mexico, Wm. Wymetal, 6/4/1945, Samson et Delilah, 3 p. typescript, in Spanish.

FF 33 Opera Lists, 1951-1953

Letter, Wymetal to Walter Herbert, New Orleans Opera House Assoc., 7/30/53 2 p. typescript.

Gioconda, costume list, Wm. Wymetal, 2/1/1953, 3 p. typescript

Gioconda, list of stage-properties, 3 p. typescript

La Traviata, costume list, 3 p. typescript, 1 p. clipping photos of costumes.

New Orleans Opera House Association, Wm. Wymetal, 1/17/53, Forza del Destino , costume plot. 2 ¼ p. typescript.

Wm. Wymetal, 3/3/1953, Lucia, costume-list, 3 p. typescript

New Orleans Opera House Association, Wm. Wymetal, 3/24/1953, List of stage properties, Lucia, 1 p. typescript.

Mignon, costume - sketches notes (1. p. typescript) and costumes list (4 p. typescript with mss. annotations), 2 ground plan sketches and 2 p. instructions to scenic artist.

Rigoletto, notes to scenic artist, 2 p. typescript.

3 clipped photos from New York Times, 12/30/1951

1 scene design sketch, in graphite and crayon, with mss. annotations

2 scene design sketches, Fidelio Act I and II, unsigned and undated.

San Francisco Opera Company, Season 1951, From William Wymetal, July 18, 1951, Der Rosenkavalier, lists for chorus & ballet (supers), 3 p. typescript.

Der Rosenkavalier, list of properties and costumes, 4 p. typescript with extensive mss. annotations in ink and pencil.

FF 34 Stadttheater Hamburg

Groundplan for unidentified opera, Stadttheater, Hamburg.

FF 35 Wymetal letters

Envelope fragment, Hilde Wymetal (LA) to William Wymetal (Mexico, D.F.)

Letter, Helene Hooper, Curtis Institute of Music to Wilhelm von Wymetal, 1/9/35

28 th annual season, San Francisco Opera Association, pamphlet.

List of letters, 1 p. mss. in ink (from exhibit?)

1 8x10 glossy b/w photo, Wymetal and unidentified actress

Obituary clipping, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, William Wymetal (Jr.)

List of letters taken from scores for exhibit ( 2 c.)

Photocopy of NY Times obit for Wymetal Jr.

Undated mss. letter from Wymetal to Guirdige (?).

Slotas to Zeiglar, 5/24/1933, copied to Wymetal. 1 p. typescript with mss. annotations.

Grunbaum to “Herr Professor”, 11/28/1920, in German.

Hasselman to “ Cher Monsieur”, 4/6/1928, in French.

Walter Herbert, New Orleans Opera House Assoc. to William Wymetal, 1/16/1952

Performance program for The Marriage of Figaro, San Francisco Opera Company, 10/30/1950.

Letter (copy), Wymetal to Gannon, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, 11/18/36, 2 p. typescript.

Letter (copy), Wymetal to Altieri, Stivenville and Co., 11/18/36, 3 p. typescript with mss. notes and drawings.

Letter (copy), Wymetal to Van Horn, Van Horn & Son, 2 p. typescript with mss. annotations in ink.

Letter, Roller to Wymetal, 10/24/1929. 1 p. typescript.

Letter (copy), Wymetal to Consolidated Theatrical Costume Co., 4/19/1930, 2 p. typescript.

FF 36 “Unidentified” - Assorted opera-related documents not yet reunited with their parent opera.

1 p. from scene descriptions of Wozzeck

1 p. letter from Roller

1 p. scene design and mss. notes, opera unclear.

1 small stage plan with mss. notes (not in Wymetal’s hand)

1 p. mss. props list

1 p. mss. cue list (bad paper)

1 p. mss. props list (bad paper)

2 p. misc. mss. notes, cues and props (?)

La Rondina, ballet list, 1 p. typescript.

La Rondina, chorus notes, 2 p. mss.

Violanta, 7 p. mss., scene notes and dialogue (in German)

Romeo et Juliet, (Season 1934-35), dancers list, 1 p. typescript.

Pique-Dame, costume plot, 2 p. typescript

Madonna Imperia , list for the chorus, 1 p. typescript.

Peter Ibbetson (Season 1934-35) 1 p. typescript

Blueprint, Metropolitan Opera Garden, no performance specified.

Watercolor of scene design, opera not specified.

FF 37 Newspaper clippings in English and German; sources vary.

Envelope fragment marked “Diverse artikel über Musik, Regie Etc.” Postmarked Philadelphia, PA 1930

“Opera Reconsidered: Opera as a form of art”, by Basil Maine, Musical Courier, April 2, 1932, p. 6

“The Metropolitan’s Repertoires in Regular Subscription Series”, 1920-21 to 1934-35, appears to be clipping from NYT (undated, unsourced.)

“The Metropolitan”, by Francis D. Perkins; extended analysis of table noted above. Undated, unsourced, but probably 1935.

“Berliner Opern-Sorgen”, bon (?) Oscar von Bander, in German.

4 p. mss; definition of opera copied from Grove Dictionary, also other notes.

“Die Musik in Reinhardts “Faust” Inszeniernung”, J.K., unsourced, undated.

Das Salzburger Welttheater, unsourced, undated.

“Film producers study grand opera”, by Isabel Morse Jones, possibly clipped from NY Times.

Small clipping “Der junge Film”, unsourced, undated, in German.

“Freie Bahn dem Musikfilm!” von Louis Graveure, unsourced, undated.

“Menichen in der Traumfabrif” unsourced, undated.

Los Angeles Times, March 28, 1937, Part II p. 3-4

Die Ausgabe der dramatischen Kunst von Professor Dr. Max Reinhardt, Wein Sonntag, nr. 23990, 6/28/1931

Vortrag Max Reinhardts über die Schaufpielkunst, unsourced, undated.

Die Ethik des Femtens, von Hans Emonbaumsielb (?), Neue Freie Presse, 12/12/31, p. 3-4

Kunst, Wirtshaft und Gesellshaft bon Dr. Bertold Gprung (?), Wein, June 15, 1930. nr. 23618

Feuilleton, Faust als Fetspiel, bon Felix Galten

Wann hat ein film Grfolg? : Ateliergeheimniffe der filmregie, von Josef (v.) Sternberg, Neue Freie Presse, 1/4/1931, p. 27-28

Das Schubert-fest der Weiner Frauen, Wein Sonntag, 5/5/1928, p. 7-8

Feuilleton, Ulte und neue Bühnenfunst, unsourced, undated.

Feuilleton, Theater, Burgtheater: Gespenster, unsourced, undated.

Feuilleton, Das Nätsel der Untif bon Egon Friedell (1928 ?)

Der Bukunft der Musik, Neue Freie Presse, 5/24/31, p. 33-34, mss. notes in pen in margins.

Literaturblatt. Einiges uber Nietsche bon Professor Johannes Bolheit.

Feuilleton, Vom Wesen der Regie

Gespräth mit Tairow, von Cäsar Gegalow

Feuilleton, Das russische Theater

Feuilleton, Dant an Max Reinhardt

Die Kunst der Inszenierung, von Franz Herterich

Biomechanik der Bühne, von Bseveloh Menerholb

Der Reformater des Theaters, von Gordon Craig

Re-enter the Chorus, by Ashley Dukes, Theater Arts Monthly (no date), p. 335-340

Music Meets the Theatre : A Record of Events (partial, recto) and The Actor as Biographer (verso, partial).

“Opera in Switzerland”, by Edward Cushing, Theater Arts Monthly, p. 272-280

“Speaking of American Opera”, by David Ewen, Theater Arts, p. 51-54

“National Theatre 1940: A Record and a Prophecy”, by Edith J. R. Isaacs, Theater Arts

“Opera and the Theatre”, by Irving Kolodin, Theater Arts Monthly, January 1938, p. 56-66

“Opera Goals”, by Herbert Graf, Theater Arts Monthly, p. 201-208.

FF 38 “The Prodigious Music Maker: World Honors Art of Mozart on 200 th Anniversary of His Birth", Life, undated.

FF 39 Don Giovanni, Opera Magazine, v. 2, no. 10, Sept. 1951

FF 40 Exhibit notes and cards from CMU exhibit. Undated.